Oct 17, 2001, 12:01 AM
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25 Oct on Pakistan visit to chancellor German be will Shroeder Gerhard Chancellor German -- IRNA 17, Oct Islamabad, situation regional the on talks for 25 October from Pakistan visiting .relations bilateral and news a told Khan Muhammad Riaz Spokesman Ministry Foreign Pakistan visiting be also will minister foreign German the that conference .visit Shroeder's discuss to (19 October) Friday on Pakistan the appreciated spokesman the question, a to Replying Powell Colin State of Secretary by policy .S.U the of reaffirmation .relations Pakistan-India to Kashmir of centrality about an play can States United the that believes Pakistan said He of issue long-standing the addressing to regard with role important .Kashmir such play can Nations United the and States United the if said He a play also can they terrorism, against fight the in role important an which problems international resolving and addressing in role similar .security and peace regional to danger are Pakistan of underpinnings moral the said he question, a To with accordance in be should solution the that is Kashmir on position .people Kashmiri of wishes the conference press minister's foreign Indian on comment to Asked the emphasized spokesman the Kashmir, on stance Indian repeating today statements the to referred He .dispute a as Kashmir recognizes world resolutions Council Security .N.U and yesterday Powell Secretary of in tension of cause root is Kashmir that l998 of latest the including is world the what to responsive be to India asked He .Asia South .saying had what to condemned had Pakistan that out pointed spokesman The that reminded however He .terrorism of act an as Srinagar in happened malign to incidents of kind this used occasions several on India .struggle freedom Kashmiri the and Pakistan of some attacked Indians ago, days two said spokesman The boundary working and (LOC) control of line the along posts Pakistani and camps terrorist so-called hitting were they that pretext the on and girl a killing villagers of houses some hitting up ended they was media international said He .area the in persons 25 about injuring .lies Indian the expose to LOC the to taken tension, of reduction want Pakistan part, its on spokesman The its maintain to continue will Pakistan and LOC the along de-escalation .LOC the along restraint maximum exercising of policy and initiative the took Musharraf Pervez President said He not would India that him assured who minister prime Indian telephoned took which incident the said He .Pakistan of complexities the to add .statement Indian the to counter runs ago days two place yesterday, Islamabad in state of secretary .S.U with talks About a be to ought there that view of convergence a was there said he segment all representing broad-based which Afghanistan in government that in stability and peace bring can and population Afghan of .country and inter-action the on primarily depends it said He He .themselves Afghans among place taking are which consultations, hoped He .important are general secretary .N.U the of efforts the said Afghan of resolution the to lead and fast move will process this that .possible as soon as situation King former of envoy special the said he envoy, Shah's Zahir On Pervez General President the met Arsala Amin Hedayat .Mr Shah, Zahir He .Afghans many meeting also and minister foreign the and Musharraf the to goodwill of message a sent has Shah Zahir King former said had always he that assuring Pakistan of people the for and President .Pakistan of people the towards goodwill TK/MMZ/AH End