Oct 17, 2001, 12:01 AM
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unrealistic rate forex in change any says governor CBI (CBI) Iran of Bank Central the of Governor -- IRNA 17, Oct Tehran, defines budget government's that Wednesday here said Nourbakhsh Mohsen will rate forex in change any this, to due and rates exchange foreign .unrealistic be rate parity single on decision a that reporters told Nourbakhsh Planning and Management the and Majlis the by adopted been has of basis the on budget state up drawn also has (MPO) Organization of existence on debate any said, he Therefore, .decision Majlis' .question of out is connection that in opinion of difference the in percent 5.11 at rate inflation the put governor CBI The major said and (March started) year Iranian current the of half first economic for ground are there that indicate indices economic .stability have that policies the on depends stability economic the said He in that added He .future in followed be will or adopted been already production and investment of growth for stability any connection this .tangible completely is set been has credit in million 736 dlrs said further official The .projects 177 of implementation for aside the and people by decided is investment of direction said He .budget year's next the in followed be will policy the in growth percent 5.5 showed said, he index, wholesale The been has hike price that sign good a is which March-August period .extent large a to down slowed and percent 2.11 at period the in index price producer the put He in growth said He .costs production in decrease from results it said the than lower is which percent, seven was index goods exported .rate inflation end the at percent 7.9 at rate growth liquidity the put Nourbakhsh the to compared (22 23-August July) Mordad of month Iranian the of .20 March on year last of end by figure percent 370 at stood sector production the in investment said He .March-August during the in observed was increase percent 2.35 said Governor CBI The recorded was growth percent 1.29 while commodities non-oil of export .March-August during imports in of import in observed was growth percent 4.11 said Nourbakhsh .period the in wheat, mainly commodities, basic of export in observed was growth percent 4.45 said, he Moreover, the of export in percent 5.35 and instruments and machinery industrial .period the in materials raw and substances chemical 3.7 dlrs at stood liabilities foreign net actual Iran's said He .billion 2.12 dlrs liabilities foreign net potential and billion and number in observed was growth percent 8.47 said official The .March-August during traded stocks of value .period the in percent 4.34 up was too index price share The the in surplus billion 054.3 dlrs showed account current Iran's 144.9 dlrs at stood export gas and oil from revenues while period said .billion full each for price the said Nourbakhsh remarks, his Concluding the and average on decline percent 2.2 showed coin gold Azadi Bahar-e .period the in percent 1.4 by dropped also rates forex BG/AH End