Oct 17, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Philippines in project Gas Malampaya Inaugurates Arroyo Gloria President -- Pulse IRNA-Asia 17 Oct MANILA, US$5-billion the of inauguration the led has Macapagal-Arroyo the it calling Project, Power to Gas Water Deep Malampaya the in kind its of investment important most and largest" .Philippines the of history in Plant Gas Onshore Malampaya the at speech her In start the said President the Tuesday, City Batangas Tabangao, a of beginning the represents gas natural the of flow the of and clean provide will that industry new whole 52 now Philippines the making fuel, environment-friendly .energy in sufficient self- percent the after years half a and three held inauguration, The the marked 1998, May in commerciality of declaration project's .industry gas natural Philippines' the of birth the project, Malampaya the of launching the to Prior billion $3 to up consuming was country the that noted President .year every fuel imported of worth of result a as savings yearly million $700 expected an With is country the said President the project, gas natural the its within royalties in billion $13 least at earn to expected .operation of period 20-year towards way long very a go should sums enormous These" mass of conquest the for programs and plans our financing .said she "modernization, country's our for and poverty gas natural the of impact the that explained President The and power the beyond far widely-felt and long be would project of millions of lives daily the in itself sector energy .Filipinos Malampaya of heard never have may Filipinos those of Many" .hinterlands the in far are they because will, never maybe and natural of benefits the by touched and reached be will they But .said she "gas, staff officers, the congratulated President the addition, In Shell of workers world-class the and engineers members, as such partners its as well as [SPEX], Exploration Philippines Corporation Oil National Philippine the Philippines, TEXACO the Power National the [DOE], Energy of Department the [PNOC], for (Meralco) Company Electric Manila the and [NPC] Corporation viability commercial the ensuring in roles key respective their .project the of the to felicitation her extended proudly also President The the in involved centrally were who workers Filipino downstream and upstream Malampaya's of construction .facilities this in participation core (workers, Filipino) Their" our and skills world-class our to testament a is project demanding most the under work first-rate produce to ability .said President the "circumstances, to care great took which Shell to credit gave likewise She a such by compromised not is environment the that ensure some the of laying the involved that undertaking massive the of some across runs which pipeline 500-kilometer .areas sensitive environmentally most Philippines' remembered President the speech, her of beginning the At President former of presidency the during 1989 in was it that .discovered was gas Malampaya the when Aquino, Corazon .V Fidel President former of time the during was it And officially was memorandum distribution gas the when Ramos .signed span will which project, Malampaya the her, to According a take to need the of us reminds" entirety, its in decades ".capabilities and prospects our of view long-term the forth set to opportunity the took also President The in administration her of actions concrete and directions .gas natural promoting gas natural enhancing of goal the achieve to order In policy the be shall it that stressed President the utilization, downstream the in activities promote to administration her of pipeline gas land-based all for access offering by sector .area this in investments of inflow the ensure to networks and European Filipino, Japanese, several that disclosed She in interest their signified already have companies Malaysian to Batangas from network pipeline gas land-based a in investing .Bataan to eventually and Manila Energy of Secretary the said she all, to access promote To for consortium a organize to parties interested encourage will .project pipeline gas land a assets, NPC for plan privatization the of part as Moreover, the require to willing is government the said President the power gas-fired into plants NPC existing certain of conversion consider to consortium Malampaya the for exchange in plants sales gas existing their than lower price gas the reducing .contracts through consumers the to impact direct a provide will This" under costs stranded future reduce and rates electricity lower .said she "market, generation competitive a that officials Shell told President the speech, same the In more be would prices gas lower from revenues their in drop any power gas additional for volume sales gas higher by offset than .generation and pollution air against battle the win to order In that out pointed she air, cleaner of benefits the accelerate public all for [CNG] gas natural compressed of use the her under priority top given be will transport .administration and years two next the in Batangas with first start will We" CALABARZON of whole the for ultimately Manila, Metro including (Cavite-Laguna-Batangas-Rizal-Quezon) she "lead, the taking sector private the with 2004 year the by .said the DOE, the on called President the regard, this In the and [DOTC] Communications and Transportation of Department coordinate to Resources Natural and Environment of Department and boost a initiative sector private the give to actions their public for CNG of use the for way the paving support, .vehicles transportation small of use and development the said President the Lastly, will proven, and discovered been already have which fields, gas .applications non-power for promoted be in Field Libertad the of use the that added she Initially, be shall Maguindanao in Field Sa-Barungis Sultan the and Cebu liquefied like much gas natural bottled as use for considered .2002 year by applications non-power for (LPG) gas petroleum us makes" success Malampaya's that stressed President The ".waters our under still are things many that hopeful private and government elevates" said, she success, This and expectations of level higher a to partnership sector ".results its in still is Philippines the in industry gas natural The" formula this with continue therefore should We .stage initial Filipino the for life of quality and tomorrow better a for .said President the "people, the up started President the ceremony, inaugural the During of operation the to way giving platform, production Malampaya .plant power Batangas, Rita, .Sta 1,000-megawatt the Aquino, and Ramos Presidents former by accompanied was She Managing of Committee the of Chairman Group Dutch/Shell Royal and Perez, Vincent Secretary Energy Watts, Philip Directors .Alvarez Heherson Secretary Resources Natural and Environment MP/RR End