Oct 17, 2001, 12:01 AM
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cities Iranian shake Quakes Iran's in cities two shook separately Quakes -- IRNA 17, Oct Tehran, been have reports no but Wednesday, and Tuesday on west and north .damage probable on far so received Richter open-ended the on degrees 1.4 measuring tremor, first The hours 00:22 at province Mazandaran northern in Kalaleh shook scale, .(GMT 30:18) epicenter the registered province the of center seismological The .city the from kms 27 at quake the of the struck degrees, 3.3 and 6.3 measuring quakes, other Two Wednesday, early province Lorestan in Khorramabad of city southern .said University Tehran of Institute Geophysics the struck city, the of west kms 15 felt was which tremor, first The .(GMT 18:00) hours 12:03 at Khorramabad, of west kms 50 felt was which earthquake, second The .hours 51:11 at hit neighboring jolted degrees, 5.4 of magnitude a with quake, minor A .casualties or damage no causing 2, September on Pole-Dokhtar with world, the in countries quake-prone most the of one is Iran .occurrence daily almost an tremors mild BH/LS/RR End