Oct 17, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA Tehran major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 17, Oct Tehran, :Wednesday on dailies DAILY IRAN -- "airport key captures opposition Afghan" the from defections many are there claims Alliance Northern The the outside airport the captured have forces its says and side Taliban .reported BBC Mazar-i-Sharif, of city Afghan key NEWS IRAN -- "oil discuss Chavez Khatami," with conversation telephone a in Khatami, Mohammad President member on called Tuesday, on Chavez Hugo President Venezuelan (OPEC) Countries Exporting Petroleum of Organization the of states .reported IRNA prices, oil in fall steep a prevent to hands join to INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- "attacks terrorist Zionists' condemns strongly Iran" Tuesday on Asefi Hamidreza spokesman Ministry Foreign Iranian attacks terrorist regime's Zionist racist the condemned strongly .activists Palestinian two against TIMES TEHRAN -- "possible Afghans against weapons biological of Use" components purchasing is States United the say Germany in Sources fears raising weapons, chemical and biological develop to needed current the in Afghans against used be could weapons bio-chemical .terrorism against war -led.S.U YAZD AFTAB-E -- "cancelled Doha in meeting WTO" meeting ministerial a that said have officials Qatari Informed in held be not probably most would Organization Trade World the of the particularly developments, regional current of view in Doha .Afghanistan on attacks -led.S.U RESALAT -- "injured and killed Hundreds :attack Chemical" war biological and chemical a mounted have Britain and .S.U The .goals their achieve to order in region the in AFARINESH -- "week next Iran visit to minister foreign German" Islamic the visit to is Fischer Joschka Minister Foreign German which region the of tour week-long a of part as Iran of Republic on announced Ministry Foreign Germany the 18, October on begins .Tuesday ESLAMI JOMURI-E -- "Nigeria in killed 100 over leave demonstrations S.Anti-U" ensued which riots in killed been have people 100 than More in atrocities British and .S.U against protest to held demonstrations of city Nigerian the in days of couple past the in Afghanistan .Kano EDALAT SEDAY-E -- "acts Taliban to victim fall not should people Afghan" Hadi Nations United the to representative permenant Iran's should people Afghan innocent the that said has Nejad-Hosseinian .Afghanistan in actions Taliban to victim fall not TOSS'E -- .S.U former to conpensations for claims announces Washington" "closed hostages receive to filed suit a in judge federal a of decision The days 444 for hostage taken staff Embassy .S.U former by compensations final declared been has Revolution Islamic 1979 the during Tehran in .closed and QODS -- "unexpectedly Iran visit to Chavez" announcement, unexpected an in Chavez, Hugo President Venezuelan .future near the in Iran visit would he that said has MELLAT -- "sky Azeri on planes military America's" Hercules a that said has Turan agency news Azeri offical The seen been has Force, Air .S.U the to belong to believed plane, C-130 .Baku capital Azeri the near altitude low a at flying ROUZ SIASAT-E -- "quakes to prone buildings country's of percent 70" some that said has province Mazandaran northern in official An to prone are Iran in installations and buildings of percent 70 .earthquakes NOROUZ -- "attacked be not will countries Other :Britain" -led.S.U the said Tuesday Straw Jack Secretary Foreign British countries other target to expand not would Afghanistan on attacks possible their on presented is evidence undisputable and firm before .attacks terrorist in role HAMSHAHRI -- "off takes markets Stock" share and Tuesday on upturn an took Exchange Stock Tehran The .day the during improved mostly prices ABRAR -- "Solan with phone on talks Kharrazi" telephone a in Kharrazi, Kamal Minister Foreign Iran's developments Afghan latest discussed Tuesday, on conversation .Solana Javier Chief Policy Foreign and Security Union European with HAMBASTEGI -- "soon Majlis by announced be to crash Yak-40 of Cause" Yak-40 a of cause the announce soon will parliament Iranian The then including aboard, people 30 all killed which July in crash plane .Dadman Rahman minister transport NO HAYAT-E -- "office UN of front in demonstrate students Tehrani" Tehran's from sexes both of students Iranian hundred a than More the of front in gathered universities Rey Shahr-e and Kabir Amir the against protest to Tehran central in office Nations United .Afghanistan on strikes military US-led ENTEKHAB -- "Iraq monitoring seriously Washington" Qatari the told Rice Condoleeza advisor Security National .S.U to is objective current Washington's that Al-Jazeera television .activities Iraqi control IRAN -- "gates Mazar-i-Sharif reach forces Alliance Northern" aerial .S.U of help the with forces, Alliance Northern Afghan Mazar-i-Sharif of city strategic the toward Tuesday advanced support, .gates its reached and BH/LS/RR End