Oct 17, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Mashhad from dispatched refugees Afghan for aid UNICEF's Nations United the of package aid new A -- IRNA 17, Oct Mashhad, Afghan for blankets 9,000 of consisting (UNICEF) Fund Children of town border northeastern the from dispatched were refugees .Wednesday on province Khorassan in Dogharoun to trucks Iranian five by taken was package aid humanitarian The the among distributed be to Afghanistan in Herat of city the .said Chauvin Lluc representative UNICEF there, refugees UNICEF which blankets 16,000 the of part is added, he aid, The .Sunday on trucks four in Herat to send to promised had Britain saying dollars, 152,000 at package the of value the put He Iranian from bought were that blankets the of price the paid fully had .factories another sending considering is UNICEF that said further Chauvin one This .Herat around and in camped refugees the to consignment aid sweaters, children's 140,000 shoes, of pairs 160,000 of consist will 40,000 as well as gloves of pairs 80,000 sweaters, ladies 20,000 .stoves 820,000 at package aid second the of value total the put He from bought and UK the by paid fully be to is said, he which, dollars .Iran as blankets 4,000 some distributing started week last UNICEF equipment medical and medicines containing kits health 400 as well .Afghans vulnerable' 'most and displaced the for into flown was 135,000, dlrs .S.U at estimated consignment, The .Copenhagen from Mashhad of city Iranian the of number huge a to led has Afghanistan on attacks -led.S.U The .country war-torn the in refugees and .S.U by bombardment aerial of day 10th its on is Afghanistan attacks suicidal States United the for retaliation in forces British the Laden, bin Osama surrender to failing for and 11 September on .attacks the in suspect prime '.S.U swell could refugees Afghan of number the said have officials UN to reported million 7.3 the from up days, coming the in million 5.7 to .countries other as well as Iran and Pakistan in settled already be BH/LS/AR End