Oct 17, 2001, 12:01 AM
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newspapers Pakistani Wednesday's in Headlines major in appeared headlines following The -- IRNA 17, Oct Islamabad, :17 October on dailies Pakistani Dawn :achieved is objective military till continue to US for Support * Musharraf Kabul in gov't transition planning UN * tightened airport Jacobabad at troops US for Security * Washington says warfare, radiological of capable Qaeda Al * jihad for up sign people of Thousands * UNHCR :month a Pak in arrive refugees Afghan 25,000 * News The Powell says issue, central is Kashmir * day second on Pak-India along fire of Exchange * Kabul Kandahar, on attacks intense in hit office ICRC * envoy :gov't door' `open wants Zahir * Pakistan to sale arms offer may US * Nation The economy Pak to space breathing no gives US * Kandahar on attacks Low-level * remarks Powell's rejects India * pause a for offer Taliban rejects US * UN says Afghanistan, in down break order Law, * Kabul in gov't coalition advocates China * Post Frontier The set-up Afghan future on agree US Pakistan, * bombed complex troops HQ, Taliban * Kashmir Indian in killed 12 * report :oppositon to falls Mazar-e-Sharif * shortage medicine facing hospitals Afghan * Observer Pakistan survey :terrorism against stand Musharraf's support percent 78 * products Pak to entry zero-rated allows EU * bombing stop to USA ask parties political Pak * Alliance :offensives launch to capacity have longer no Taliban * Islamists 170 try to court Egyptian * India to bomber Tu-22 lease to Moscow * /MMZ/LS/HM End