Oct 16, 2001, 12:01 AM
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:10-HAMSHAHRI year next organ state-run each for expenditure specifies +MPO total said (MPO) Organization Planning and Management The MPO .billion 119,000 rls be will year next expenditure government for expenditure total that budget year next for directive a in said will sector, government by handled be will that affairs, economic .billion 2.3,461 rls at stand - - - - market hits +Xantia Seyfollah corporation production car Saipa of Director Managing Citroen of office regional as serve to is company his said Ebrahimi sid Ebrahimi .Iran in cars Xantia market and produce to company Saipa between siged been has cars Xantia of production for contract .Citroen and - - - - :11-AFARINESH exports of percent 20 handles sector +Cooperatives Ramezani Mohammad Chamber Cooperative the of General Secretary non-oil of percent 20 handles sector cooperatives that said 40 to up rise to expected is figure the and presently commodities .(2000-2005) Plan Development Economic Five-Year Third the in percent - - - - month next markets hit to car +Karevan Seyfollah Corportation Production Car Saipa of Director Managing .month next market the hit to are cars Kareven said Ebrahimi - - - - :ROUZ 12-SIAST-E exported thread of tons +1,400 said Center Promotion Export Iran's at Department Relations Public 3.3 dlrs nearly worth thread tons 1,400 than more exported Iran .(21 March started) year the of half first the in million - - - - ratified be to programs Customs :Minister Finance and +Economy soon of group a told Mazaheri Tahmasb Minister Finance and Economy are programs future near in meeting expert an that officials customs .years four next the in customs of expansion for devised be to - - - - :13-KAR-O-KARGAR transparent budget make to steps takes +Majlis Majlis at Commission Auditing and Budget and Plan the of Member general country's the make to trying is Majlis said Kheyrabadi Morteza .public the for transparent budget - - - - million 65 at stands population +Iran's Shahabeddin Organization Registration the of Head Deputy Frist at stands population Iran's statistics latest on based said Chavoshi .million 65 about - - - - :14-ETTELA'AT operational units peripheral project's development cane +Sugar shortage feed and sugar paper, country's the meet to Company Development Cane Sugar Khuzestan of Director Managing peripheral the and unit purification sugar third the said Mofidi Development Cane Sugar Khuzestan at operational be to are industries .months half and one next the within Company - - - - operational unit expansion fertilizers of expansion for +Project Company Petrochemical Razi at Company Petrochemical National at Department Relations Public put was project development fertilizer chemical the said (NPC) .complex Petrochemical Razi at operation into officially - - - - :15-KAYHAN trade and industry of privatization for calls seminar +Exports sectors resolution a in exports non-oil on seminar nationwide seventh The .sectors commerce and industry the of privatization for called - - - - :NEWS 16-IRAN agreement cooperation aviation sign Iran +Vietnam, signed had it yesterday said Authority Aviation Civil Vietnam's countries' two the boost to Iran with agreement framework a .sector aviation the in cooperation - - - - sector housing in invest should sector +Private said Abdolalizadeh Ali Development Urban and Housing of Minister sector housing the in invest should sector private that Saturday here policies formulating for responsible be should government the while .supervision out carrying and - - - - :DAILY 17-IRAN percent 11 up index +Price areas urban in services and goods consumer of index price The of Bank Central the points, 9.174 at stood 21 23-August July during .Sunday reported (CBI) Iran - - - - growth record registers industry +Tourist week last Ministers Tourism of Conference Islamic Second The member the among travel easy for mechanisms the create to hard worked .OIC the of states - - - - :TIMES 18-TEHRAN stone exported of value in increase percent 100 +Over has Exports Non-Oil for Council High the of Secretariat The of tons 36,900 year this of months six first the in that announced .exported been has million, 6.16 dlrs worth stone, building refined - - - - exported alcohol surgical of tons +489,000 Kohgilouyeh-Boyerahmad in units alcohol-producing Various various to alcohol surgical of liters 489,000 some exported Province year Iranian current the of half first the over countries European and Standards provincial the of head the ,(21 March started) .Sunday on here said Department Research Industrial - - - - powers executive more with vested be to insittuions +Civil Social and Economic National third country's the During supported be will insititutions civil ,(2000-2005) Plan Development Sepahvand, Abdolreza said powers, executive more with vested and and administrative for industres and mines of minister deputy industrial on gathering first the during Sunday on affairs financial .Mashhad in associations - - - - :INTERNATIONAL 19-KAYHAN Iran in essential reforms +Financial drastic and revisions thorough needs system financial Iran's a with replaced totally being speaking, clearly more and reforms is country the in crisis economic an if system capable and practical Ali-Asghar official economic Province Fars a said avoided, be to .Sunday on Sarraf - - - - emerge to fails action OPEC as dips +Oil impatient increasingly an as Monday on lower drifted prices Oil .output cut to quickly moving OPEC against bet market BG/AH End