Oct 16, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Press Tuesday's in headlines making news Economic stories news economic major are Following -- IRNA 16, Oct Tehran, :Tuesday on dailies Iranian in highlighted were which :1-IRAN .S.U :Iran tells Organization Insurance Central Iran's of +Head gasoline on coverage insurance of rate doubles Afghanistan on strikes imports Nasser Abdol Organization Insurance Central Iran's of Head cost raised has Afghanistan on strikes air .S.U the said has Hemati and region Gulf Persian the to goods of transportation on insurance of .versa ice - - - - goods Smuggled :Organization Administration Customs of head +New routes 18 from country the enter Karbasian Masood Organization Administration Customs the of New 18 from smuggled are goods presently that Sunday here said the said Karbasian .country the to points border non-official enforce in made be should efforts and logical seem not does practices .country the to channels main through goods of import for policies - - - - percent 3.14 at stand to estimated rate +Unemployment announced Center Statistics Iran's at Department Relations Public 66, to 15 aged workforce, active country's the of percent 7.85 hat April) Ordibehesht of month Iranian year's this in active been have .(21 21-May - - - - exported steel worth million 130 +Dlrs year, the of half first the in exports steel and ware iron Iran's to compared increase percent three showing million, 130 dlrs reached .before year the period same the for figure the - - - - tea smuggled of entry on +Ban Shoja Ghaffar Abdol Organization Tea Iran's of Director Managing of smuggling devised, newly plan a on based that Sunday on said .prevented be would tea foreign - - - - :ESLAMI 2-JOMHOURI-YE cut to need the on insists Minister Transportation and +Roads companies aviation to subsidy Sunday on here Khorram Ahmad Minister Transportation and Roads civil the to government by offered subsidy the cutting stressed companies' the harm subsides the said and companies aviation .activities - - - - 5.1 dlrs to lead mistake statistical and fluctuations +Forex deficit billion Organization Planning and Management the at Bureau Economy Macro 5.1 dlrs to led mistakes statistical and fluctuations forex said (MPO) .year last payments of balance in deficit billion - - - - held pollutants industries food recycling on +Seminar here held was industries food in pollutants recycling on Seminar .meeting the in present were professors and Experts .Sunday on - - - - embezzlement of case in involvement reject entrepeneur +Iranian market stock Spanish in News Republic Islamic the told Zandi Masood entrepreneur Iranian of case the in role no had he that office Madrid (IRNA) Agency's .market stock Spanish in embezzlement - - - - :3-TOSE'E drafted law exchange stock New on dependence decrease market capital the law new the Under launching for restrictions foresees also law The .resources banking .companies investment new - - - - Minister Commerce summon +MPs Minister Commerce summoned reportedly have Representatives Majlis three exceeded has imports rice why explain to Shariatmadari Mohammad .rate authorized the times - - - - 4-MELLAT output oil cut to tries +OPEC the that Monday on announced Atiah Abdollah Minister Oil Qatari its cut to is (OPEC) Countries Exporting Petroleum the of Organization .commodity the of price raise to as so output - - - - NOW 5-HAYAT-E planning budget of structure in change confirms Forum +Auditing Management the by released report a confirmed Forum Auditing The budget the in changes structural for (MPO) Organization Planning and .system planning - - - - Iran with accords commercial of implementation follow to +EU means and ways on Iran with talks hold to is Union European The .Iran with signed already protocols commercial implementing of - - - - :6-ABRAR percent 32 up exports non-oil +Iran's put Council Promotion Exports Non-Oil High the of Secretariat stood year the of half first the in exports non-oil of value total .billion 131.2 dlrs - - - - standard not wheat +Iran's deprived is Iran said Payan instructor University Beheshti Martyr bread bake to flour standard for need the despite wheat standard of .industrially - - - - :YAZD 7-AFTAB-E year's this from different much not budget year Next :+Nowbakht Majlis at Commission Auditing and Budget Plan, the of Member fully is budget Iran's that said has Haqiqi Nowbakht Mohammad-Bagher He .country the with problem main the is this and oil on dependent this one the from different much be not will budget year's next said .year - - - - flight capital prevent will investment of +Security and Management the at Research of Institute High the of Head eighth the told has Farjadi Gholam-Ali (MPO) Organization Planning necessary that Iran in development housing for polices on seminar ground the prepare to as so production in made be should investment investment of security guaranteeing for called He .employment more for .goal the attain to - - - - :8-RESALAT million 100 dlrs hits revenues export +Caviar Hunting and Fishing for Organization Fisheries of Head Deputy 430,000 at stands output fisheries annual Iran's said Seedi Affairs more country the earns caviar of export traditional said He .tons .year a million 100 dlrs than - - - - be to soon Bank Guarantee Export and Credit :Minister +Commerce established seventh the told Shariatmadari Mohammad Minister Commerce amendment through that Expansion Export Non-Oil on Seminar National Guarantee Export and Credit the of establishment and law taxation of Fund, Guarantee Export and Development Export the replace to Bank .increase would subsidiaries its and sector production in investment - - - - sit-in a stage Company Textiles Pakris of +Workers of front in sit-in a staged company textiles Pakris of Workers .industry textiles the in reforms for bill the at protest in Majlis - - - - :9-Qods substitution fuel for Yazd in underway projects +104 the at Protection Land for Department the of Head Deputy 104 said Mousavizadeh Jamal Seyyed Office Resources Natural provincial fuel other substitute to Province Yazd in underway are projects .oil with resources BG/AH More