Oct 16, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Palestinians two on attacks terrorist Israeli condemns Iran Reza Hamid Spokesman Ministry Foreign Iranian -- IRNA 16, Oct Tehran, regime's Zionist racist the condemned strongly Tuesday on Asefi .activists Palestinian two against attacks terrorist by attacks terrorist of 'resumption the at outrage expressed He against operations terrorist targeted the and regime Zionist the Palestinians two of lives of loss caused which activists Palestinian .Monday' on hours 24 within is which terrorism state of symbol the is Israel that said He escalate to scene international the at crisis current the misusing .activists Palestinian against attacks terrorist targeted its by law international the violating of culpability the to Referring are officials regime's Zionist the that said Asefi regime, Zionist the gunning the ordering and law international of breach for responsible .squad terrorist Israeli by activists Palestinian of down car a in assassinated was group Hamas of member 34, Meshoud, Ahmad Yasser Chairman Authority Palestinian of front in explosion bomb the with worked He .Nablus of city Bank West the in office Arafat's rehabilitate to project a on (PNA) Authority National Palestine .injured also were passers-by Two .prisoners the by dead shot was member Hamas another 35, Hamad, Rahman Abdul Palestinian assassinate to up set squad terrorist regime's Zionist .activists expressed September in Annan Kofi General Secretary Nations United against operations terrorist regime's Zionist the about concern 'the called he what stop to Israel urged and activists Palestinian .Palestinians' of killings targeted to bring to steps take to Nations United the on called Asefi the for responsible those and criminals war Israeli the justice measures of part as Palestinians against operations terrorist targeted .activists Palestinian against violence Israeli the stop to Palestinian Charter, Nations United the to according that said He occupation Israeli to resistance legitimate in involved are who people .operations terrorist and violence Israeli to victims fall not should commitment international any honor not does regime Zionist The" .said he "accord, any or SS/AH End