Oct 16, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Shiokawa :29bn.US$8 reach to budget supplementary Japan's to related spending fiscal Japan's -- Pulse IRNA-Asia 16, Oct Tokyo, to likely is situation employment the improve to reforms structural Finance of Minister said ,(billion 29.$US8) yen trillion 1 reach .Shiokawa Masajuro Prime with meeting a after remarks the made minister The and Trade Economy, of Minister and Koizumi Junichiro Minister official minister's prime the at Takenaka Heizo (METI) Industry .residence proposals project (structural-reforms-related) approve will We" to come will budget the of size The .said he "ministry, each from .added he "yen, trillion 1 around" trillion 30 a of pledge minister's prime the said also Shiokawa the reiterating "unchanged, is" issuance bond government on cap yen .limit the maintain to intention cabinet's a which around reforms, priority of list government's The to fund a establishing include formed, be will budget supplementary and sector public the in people senior and middle-aged unemployed hire .centers care day more building an to amount could budget supplementary the of total The finance to expected also is budget the because figure bigger even the to support logistical providing for expenditures additional .Afghanistan in operations military -led.S.U AP/LS/RR End