Oct 16, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Mahathir Dr says jihad, declare to ways other Many to used be never should Religion -- IRNA 16, Oct Lumpur, Kuala Minister Prime group, any of agenda political the legitimize .said Mohamad Mahathir Dr our developing like jihad, a declare to ways other are There" a also is This .us pressure can one no until one strong a into country .said he "war, holy of mastering through country Islamic an developing said He .jihad of form another also was knowledge we enemies, our against war a wage to need a is there if But" no have who people innocent kill not will we but them fight will .to subjected are we oppression the with connection have who people 6,000 over of killing the is occurred has What" What .Malaysians include also They .oppression the with connection no killed? be to Malaysians are what for and committed they have wrong .said he "war, true a represent not does and terror of act an is This security and political economic, the discussed Mahathir Dr special a in America in attacks terrorist 11 Sept the of implications which night Monday on RTM, station, TV state-owned the over interview National the think-thank, economic Malaysia's by moderated was Rahman Abdul head team communication (NEAC) Council Action Economic .editor-in-chief Bernama former a was Rahman Abdul .Sulaiman no was there war holy a were it if said minister prime The in die to need no was there and war a on embark then and kill to need .heaven to go to war a such Muslims for but this, understand not might non-Muslims The" Prophet the of struggle the remember should We .important is this .heaven in place a found yet but war a in die not did He .Muhammad also they friends; his of several with case the also is This" perception The .heaven in place a found they but wars in die not did people murdering terror, of acts in indulging war, to going by that thus can one that and war, holy a also is killed getting turn in and .said he "teachings, Islamic with do to nothing has martyr a become not was Afghanistan against retaliation .S.U the said Mahathir Dr .Muslims or Islam on attack an If .them for easy quite is it Muslims destroy to want they If" be will Muslims of millions of hundreds bomb, nuclear a fire they .this do not did they But .out wiped the with agree not do We .Afghanistan attacking only are They" is this but victims, become will people innocent many because raids .said he "Muslims, against war a not of practice the with agree not did Malaysia said Mahathir Dr as terrorists and terrorism eradicate to country a on war declaring .terrorists the defeat not would this should We .terrorism to resorted they why out find should We" .said he "causes, the eradicate and try to effort some make not it terrorists, faced Malaysia when previously, that said He and hearts the win to war a launched also but them against fought only .terrorists the support not would they that so people the of minds those rehabilitate to actions various took Malaysia said He .terrorism to exposed with only not terrorists, the defeat could we why is That" and hearts the winning called is what through but actions military .added he "psychology, (using) people, the of minds bn/LS/RR End