Oct 16, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Musharraf :Afghanistan on itself impose to try should faction No Pervez General President Pakistani -- IRNA 16, .Oct Islamabad, impose to try should faction no that asserted Tuesday on Musharraf the against strikes military the of wake the in Afghanistan on itself .Taliban of Secretary .S.U with conference press joint a Addressing political future any of success the said he here, Powell Colin State itself impose to tries faction no that fact the on depends also set-up .country the on earlier his reiterated uniform, in appeared who Musharraf, should Laden bin Osama and Taliban the against war the that statement viable a by followed be immediately should and targeted and short be .system political an also and challenge a poses Afghanistan in situation The" political durable a establish Afghans the helping in opportunity he "country, the of reconstruction and rehabilitation and system .said peace durable that agreed have Powell Colin and he that stated He the representing government, multi-ethnic and broad-based a in lies .interference outside any without Afghanistan of contours demographic political current Shah, Zahir that maintained president The United the in elements elders, tribal Taliban, moderate the leaders, this in role a play can country the outside living Afghans and Front .direction to order in track fast a on put be to needs process Political" operation the after vacuum political a of possibility the forestall .emphasized he "over, is not should process political the that say to on went Musharraf .field military the in events moving fast the behind lag the after day a made observations, his repeated president The dire a was there that saying by Afghanistan, on strikes launched .S.U in community world the of part the on participation active for need .Afghanistan of reconstruction socio-economic a of elimination for need the on emphasis particular laid He .world the in injustices and oppressions political terrorism of causes root the (that) secretary the to explained I" order in and, justice of denial and oppressions political the in lie against war the in results desired achieve or peace restore to .noted he "first, eliminated be should causes root its terrorism, saying OIC, the of session extraordinary the of mention made He minority denounced and position Pakistan's endorsed platform the that .Muslims the and Islam to harm cause to tried that voicies fringe and durable a of establishment that view the of was president The refugees of repatriation and reconstruction economic set-up, political war-torn a in heavens found have who terrorists eliminate also would .country to desire Pakistan's on Powell Colin briefed he said Musharraf .India with relations tension-free have Kashmir a requires ties of normalization that explained I" he "people, Kashmiri the of wishes the with accordance in resolution .remarked the with discussed he said Powell Colin observations, his In form people Afghan the help to how of subjct the leadership Pakistani and terrorists harbor not does that government broad-based stable, a .them producing of instead refugees welcomes in government broad-based a see to desire .S.U the was it said He of shades all represnts that period post-Taliban the in Afghanistan .Pakistan to particularly neighbors, its to friendly is and society them harbor who those and Osama Al-Qaeda, against campaign The" he "today, here me brought has what is that priority; top our is .said countries the that desire We" :said he issue, Kashmir the On ".confrontation avoid and view of point other's each accommodate both of resumption is hour the of need the that clear it made he However, .India and Pakistan between dialogue the of faith Islamic the with quarrel no have We" :said He ".terrorism against is campaign the and Afghans ways president the with discussed also he that said Powell Colin .rule Taliban the fleeing people Afghan the of plight the easing of on Afghanistan against strikes mounted alliance -led.S.U The world the across from reaction widespread evoking move the 7, October .lives innocent of loss the denounced have who /MMZ/LS/RR End