Oct 16, 2001, 12:01 AM
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dilemma Malaysia's understands support, for Mahathir thanks US to thanks its extended States United The -- IRNA 16, Oct Lumpur, Kuala sympathy and support his for Mohamad Mahathir Dr Minister Prime the" despite attacks, 11 Sept the after .S.U the to extended .government the by faced "tensions and difficulties tensions and challenges internal the all for Malaysia respect We" "meaningful, more support its makes which with, deal to has it press special a told Zoellick Robert Reprentative Trade .S.U visiting .night Monday on Lumpur Kuala in conference on Malaysia from learn to interested was Washington that stated He problems similar countered country the as terrorists with deal to ways .ago decades three communists with strikes air .S.U the to objection Mahathir's that denied also He .trade bilateral countries' the jeopardize could Afghanistan on The .relationship economic close on based are ties trade Our" of nature the strengthen only will areas many in received we support .said he "relationship, our The .there in views] [of variety negative any see don't I" .added he "understandable, is views of difference export largest Malaysia's is .S.U the that repeatedly stressed He amounting trade their in interest an with investor, foreign and market .year a billion US$38 to which country Islamic an as Malaysia views .S.U the said Zoellick economic and leadership of model role a in others serve could .development and City York New in attacks terrorist the condemned had Mahathir lives 6,600 least at of loss the saw which month last DC Washington a said also he However, .Center Trade World the of collapse the and .problem the of root the solve not would Afghanistan on retaliation Minister's Prime the in Mahathir with met Zoellick Monday, Earlier various about talked and here, from km 35 about Putrajaya, in Office He .terrorism combat to effort international the to relating issues and Albar Hamid Syed Minister Foreign with meeting a had also .Aziz Rafidah Minister Industry and Trade International ambassador of rank the with cabinet Bush's of member a is Zoellick chief and adviser policy trade principal president's the as serves and .negotiator trade letter a received have to "grateful" was Bush President said He forward looking is and terrorism, with deal to ways on Mahathir from in Conference Economic Pacific Asia the at premier the meeting to .17 Oct tomorrow, begins which China Shanghai, innocent stop to Malaysia with closely work will .S.U the said He warfare biological much-feared a in sacrificed being from people .week last Afghanistan in strikes air the following Microsoft the to sent letter a that reported was it Sunday, On a anthrax, for positive tested was Malaysia from Nevada in office farm in found commonly is which disease infectious fatal potentially .animals the on authorities .S.U to support full pledged has Mahathir Dr .agencies enforcement .S.U from details more for asked has and case and Pakistan on .S.U the by sanctions economic of lifting the On space air their open to agreed countries both recently--after India Afghanistan-- attack to .S.U the for assistance logistic provide and .so do to .S.U the of hypocritical was it that denied ambassador the on sanctions economic lift to process negotiation the said He way goes" which administration Bush the under effort an was India ".attacks 11 Sept the before back deal to call common a was there said Zoellick Pakistan, for As caused who groups fuel could which "despair and hopelessness" the with .tensions internal of issue the with deal to want we if that acknowledge to have We" economic the with deal to have will we term, long the in terrorism .said he "countries, other of performance control beyond is which situation a foresees .S.U the if Asked said, Zoellick Afghanistan, in strikes air the with continue it should the seen having me, for hard is It .thing dangerous a is War" not are things that say to attacks, terrorist the in destruction ".control of out already the identified has .S.U the that clear it made Bush said He that government the warned had and network their and perpetrators .over them hand to attacks the for responsible those harbors have would they and murder the of part are They .no said they But" .said he "terrorists, the stop to try we as price a pay to the at present was who official, ministry foreign a Earlier, the that said here Office Minister's Prime the at meeting one-hour the and terrorism against stand Malaysia's reiterated minister prime .terrorism of spread the over concern country's the that representative trade .S.U the told also Mahathir Dr" international the with unison in be should terrorism against fight tackled be should menace this to cause root the that and community .official the said "first, on strikes air .S.U the that reiterated also Mahathir Dr in but terrorism to pertaining problem the solve not would Afghanistan .official ministry foreign the said further, it complicate would fact to way a find to States United the wanted also Mahathir Dr said He contributed which issue an was this as Palestine in problem the settle .worldwide situation terrorist the to BN/LS/HM End