Oct 16, 2001, 12:01 AM
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London York, New in down prices futures Oil Crude on trading in fell prices futures oil Crude -- IRNA 16, .Oct Vienna, .Monday (NYMEX) Exchange Mercantile York New the lost crude, benchmark American the ,(WTI) Intermediate Texas West The .delivery November for barrel a 29.22 Dlrs at settle to cents 21 58,.22 Dlrs at settle to cents 24 by decreased contract December .Tuesday here said sources Tuesday, York New in trading access electronic after-hours In for 57.22 Dlrs and delivery November for 29.22 Dlrs fetching was WTI .contract December the Monday, London in (IPE) Exchange Petroleum International the On cents 5 by down was delivery November for oil crude Brent Sea North Dlrs at was contract December The .barrel a 68.21 Dlrs at settle to .cents 8 by lower 02,.23 KZ/MHJ/KS End