Oct 16, 2001, 12:01 AM
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"terrorism" civilians Afghan of killings calls chief JKLF Front Liberation Kashmir and Jammu of Head -- IRNA 16, Oct Islamabad, Afghans of killings ongoing the labelled has Khan Amanullah (JKLF) .form worst the of "terrorism" as strikes -led.S.U the in said also Amanullah Tuesday, on here "IRNA" with interview an In strikes the of result a as casualities civilian large-scale the that .norms and laws international of violation sheer a is hunting the by brought consequences disastrous the regreted He innocent murdering" was .S.U the person--Osama--while one just of down ".Afghanistan in people the that believed Amanullah role, UN the on question a to Replying in helpless was and had, ever it if clout, its lost had body world .terrorism blatant to resorting from .S.U the stopping have should .N.U the that view the of was he said chief JKLF The the combating in playing currently is .S.U the which role the in been .terrorism of menace superpower a to subservient been have not should body world The" as saw community international the what was this unfortunately, but, .said he "appropriate, who spokesman Al-Qaeda the by statement a criticizing Fiercely ,.K.U the and .S.U the in acts terrorist more unleash to threatened terrorism of dangers the increase would statements such that said he .observed Amanullah world, the in that and peace of religion a was Islam that claimed firmly He In .peace in live also others let and peace in live should Muslims Pakistani the what thought he said he question, a to response had he think I" .situation given the in correct was done had president .remarked he "community, world the with side to but option other no around hovering were danger of clouds warned however, Amanullah, .Pakistan /MMZ/LS/HM End