Oct 16, 2001, 12:01 AM
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held meet Commission Joint Indo-Iran situation current the of backdrop the In -- IRNA 16, Oct Delhi, New on meeting a held Commission Joint India-Iran the Afghanistan, in .pipeline gas the including issues, of number a discuss to Monday release, press Ministry Affairs External Indian an to According Deputy Iranian today, earlier IRNA by received was which of copy a while delegation Iranian the led Aminzadeh Mohsen Minister Foreign .Iyer Chokila Secretary Foreign by led was side Indian the enhancing about talked also sides two the energy, from Apart political their strengthening as well as technology information their Week Cultural India of celebration upcoming the and ties cultural and .Shiraz and Tehran in ministers foreign the by chaired Commission, Joint India-Iran The friendly and close traditionally enjoy which countries two the of May in Tehran in being last the far, so meetings 11 held has ties, .year last (FICCI) Industry and Commerce of Chambers Indian of Federation The has (ICCIM) Mines and Industries Commerce, of Chamber Iranian the and .times four met has which Council Business Joint a up set also during taken decisions the on progress the evaluated meeting The earlier Iran to visit Vajpayee's Bihari Atal Minister Prime Indian Joint India-Iran the of session 11th the of results the and year this scheduled meeting 12th its for work preparatory tackled and Commission .year next early for with today of rest the for continue will dialogue Indo-Iranian The in situation The .issues strategic discuss to agreeing sides two the .session this in up taken be to going is Afghanistan provided has 2001, 10-13, April from visit, Tehran Vajpayee's to served only not visit The .relations bilateral to impetus further a establish to helped also but ties bilateral strengthen further cooperation multi-faceted and all-round for framework long-term .said release the countries, two the between Minister Prime India's by signed Declaration' 'Tehran The vision their embodies Khatami Mohammad President Iran's and Vajpayee the for aspirations common and concerns shared on based cooperation of and region the of peoples the as well as peoples, two the of benefit declaration the that adding said, release the large, at world the the by cooperation bilateral of potential vast the develop to seeks technological, economic, strategic, political, the in countries two .fields agricultural and transportation energy, IND/LS/AR End