Oct 16, 2001, 12:01 AM
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terrorism global tackle to steps discuss Russia India, rapidly the discussed Russia and India -- IRNA 16, Oct Delhi, New jointly to measures and Afghanistan in situation security evolving sides two the as terrorism international of menace growing the combat cooperation, technical and military, bilateral, in progress reviewed .India of Trust Press said here arrived who Klebanov, Ilya Minister Prime Deputy Russian of range wide a on discussions held visit, three-day a on night Sunday with meetings during issues bilateral and regional international, George Minister Defense Singh, Jaswant Minister Affairs External adds Monday, on Mishra Brajesh Adviser Security National and Fernandes .PTI Vajpayee's Bihari Atal Minister Prime covered discussions The External India's November, of week first the in Russia to visit .Monday on reporters told spokesperson Ministry Affairs told Klebanov Mishra, with meeting 45-minute a from Emerging .operation overnight an not is terrorism against combat" the reporters ".process long a It's against action military the joined not had Russia that Observing in engaged much very is it" said he Afghanistan, in Laden bin Osama in" adding, "assistance, humanitarian the including aspects, other ".India with contact closest the had have we regard, this covered mainly Klebanov with discussions his said Mishra of uses peaceful and space defense, of fields the in cooperation .energy nuclear and Fernandes Singh, with meeting joint a had who Klebanov, the on views exchanged Krishamraju, Defense for State of Minister to reference specific with region the in situation current the and terrorism against coalition global the Afghanistan, .said spokesperson the developments, 11 post-September the in dialogue productive a have Russia and India that Observing Indo- the of meeting next the said she counter-terrorism, of field later here held be would Afghanistan on group working joint Russian visits Trubnikov .P Minister Foreign Deputy Russian when week this .country the various in progress reviewed and discussed sides two The relating areas included This .projects cooperation military-technical .said she production, aircraft to commission inter-governmental an established have Russia and India minister defense the by co-chaired cooperation military-technical on .Klebanov and spirit a in and atmosphere cordial a in held were discussions The of principles defining are that understanding mutual and trust of .said she relations, Indo-Russian strengthen and trade bilateral enhance to decided countries Both .banking and technology information of field the in cooperation strengthen to issues outstanding various resolve to agreed We" "trade, rupee the of utilization better on work to and ties economic three-hour a after PTI told Sinha Yashwant Minister Finance India's Russian the with delegation Indian the of night last meeting .Klebanov by headed delegation will Narayanan, .R.K President Indian on called who Klebanov, .today later Vajpayee Bihari Atal Minister Prime meet IND/LS/HM End