Oct 16, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Kashmir situation, Afghan on talks open US Pakistan, opened morning Tuesday on .S.U and Pakistan -- IRNA 16, Oct Islamabad, Afghanistan, against strikes -led.S.U on-going the on talks .issue Kashmir and field economic in cooperation Shaukat Minister Finance Sattar, Abdul Minister Foreign Pakistan's Affairs Kashmir for Minister Haider, Moinudin Minister Interior Aziz, to envoy Pakistan's and Haq Anamul Secretary Foreign Sarfraz, Abbas State of Secretary side .S.U the from while Lodhi Maleeha .Dr .S.U as well as Boucher, Richard Spokesman Department State Powell, Colin secretary asssistant and Asia, South for state of secretary assistant .talks the attending are defence of discuss to expected are .S.U and Pakistan reports, to According combat to cooperation their of backdrop the in relations long-term .terrorism on security tight amid here arrived state of secretary .S.U The .Powell Colin to access have to allowed not were reporters and Monday during Musharraf Pervez General President meet to scheduled is He Office, Foreign the to according talks, on-going During .stay his in operation brief a for desire its reiterate will Pakistan is issue Kashmir The .lives civilian of loss avoiding Afghanistan, .meeting the in dicussed be to empected also press joint a address will Powell Colin and Sattar Abdul Later, for leave will state of secretary .S.U afternoon, the In .conference .Delhi New President .S.U House, White the at reporters to talking Meanwhile, between negotiations of resumption for need emphasised Bush George .restraint exercise to rivals the urged and India and Pakisan /MMZ/HM End