Oct 16, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Tuesday on newspapers Pakistani in Headlines major in appeared headlines following -- IRNA 16, Oct Islamabad, .16 October on dailies Pakistani Dawn ....... Pakistan :acceptable not setup Afghan Imposed * security tight amid arrives Powell * Musharraf meets emissary Shah's Zahir * state Palestinian of creation backs Britain * Islamabad Delhi, for power veto out rules US * UK US, to warning issues Qaeda Al * rule civilian for demand reiterates Benazir * News The ........... down stand to India Pakistan, asks Bush * set-up Afghan discuss Sattar team, Shah Zahir * Powell :important Kashmir on Dialogue * visit Powell's against strike Countrywide * Taliban :groundless rift of Reports * raids US with unhappy Arabia Saudi * Washington tells Musharraf first, Omar out Take * Nation The ............. today ties long-term discuss to US Pakistan, * LoC across shelling Indian Unprovoked * Powell :gov't Afghan over 'veto' has country No * Unicef :dead children Afghan 100,000 leave may Winter * situation security with satisfied Commanders * day a in Kabul on bombing Heaviest * Post Frontier The .................... situation Afghan discuss Powell Musharraf, * firing Indian by wounded 36 killed, One * attacks US in respite seeks Muttawakil * gov't Afghan new for planning begins US * /MMZ/HM End