Oct 15, 2001, 12:01 AM
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appointed officially Conference Plenary UNESCO's of head Iranian United the to Ambassador permanent Iran's -- IRNA 15, Oct Paris, (UNESCO) Organization Cultural and Scientific Educational, Nations first organization's that as appointed officially was Jalali Ahmad .Monday on Conference Plenary of head Iranian the in office, head Paris UNESCO's at held ceremony the During 3,000 some and countries 188 from representatives of presence was Jalali globe, the across from figures cultural prominent .organization cultural UN's the of head thirty-first the as introduced Tehran from engineering and philosophy of graduate major double A Iran's as serving been has Jalali universities, Oxford and .1997 April, since UNESCO at representative 162nd the during post reputable highly the for elected was He secret a in Conference Plenary UNESCO's the of session official fifty-eight the of out thirty-six secured Jalali which in ballot .votes cast the of body making policy highest the is Conference Plenary The is organization the of budget biannual the also which in UNESCO .ratified Iranian an of appointment the believe UN at sources informed The international the of sign a is body UNESCO level highest the at head of viewpoints Islamic and cultural the towards attraction community's .Iran of Republic Islamic the .years two is UNESCO of chairmanship rotating the of period The NA/JB End