Oct 15, 2001, 12:01 AM
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:peace,stability bring could Afghanistan in govt based Broad Pakistan Zahir King, Afghan former of envoy special A - IRNA 15, Oct Islamabad, about officials Pakistani with talks for Islamabad in is Shah a promoting for UN the of efforts the and Afghanistan in situation .Kabul in government based broad in Khan Muhammad Riaz spokesman Office Foreign by stated was This .Monday here briefing daily his by accompanied is Arsala Amin Hedayat envoy special the said He will envoy special The .King former the of aides political other two .Minister Foreign the and officials Pakistani senior with talks hold special General's Secretary UN the that out pointed spokesman The a of establishment the for sometime quite for working been has envoy supplemented were efforts These .Afghanistan in government based broad .Pakistan by supported and OIC the by of position consistent the been has it said spokesman The bring could that Afghanistan in government based broad a for Pakistan any impose to attempt any said He .country that to stability and peace .Afghanistan in situation the help not will group that denied categorically spokesman the question a to Replying very control to continue Taliban said He .terrorists are Taliban in embassy their maintain they and Afghanistan of part large go will they that said has States United the even said He .Islamabad over hand to them of demanding still is Washington and terrorists for .Laden bin Osama discussions the said spokesman the question, another to reply In leaders Pakistani and Powell Colin State of Secretary US the between to regard with said He .Kashmir and Afghanistan on focus would view of point Pakistan's from discussed be will situation the Kashmir, this address to need the and Kashmir inside happening is what on .region the in tension of source process the promote help could Powell of visit the whether Asked the said spokesman the India, and Pakistan between dialogue of countries influential and friends our and dynamics its has situation also had States United the said He .it influence certainly can two the between dialogue of resumption for desire its expressed .countries a be will Afghanistan in operation of prolongation the added He well as situation Afghan of aspects All.Pakistan to concern of source US the with discussion under come will campaign present the as .said he State, of Secretary expressed already has country his added official Pakistani The from same the noted has and lives innocent of loss the over grief its .States United the be should Afghanistan in targets the that emphasized again He civilian any avoid to care be should there and focussed clearly .casualties United the with cooperation Pakistan's that questioner a told He intelligence of framework point three the within be would States .support logistical and airspace of use sharing, will soil our and Pakistan in troops combat no are there said He .operations for used be not TK/MMZ/JB End