Oct 15, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Iran of Khaf visit representatives agencies Int'l representatives of number A -- IRNA 15, .Oct .prov Khorasan Khaf, .N.U the as well as organizations and agencies international the from circumstances the assess to Iran in region Khaf the visited offices .living are refugees Afghan the which in get to delegation the for possible it made visit two-day The facilities the or Afghans the facing problems the with acquainted .far so them for provided .Afghanistan with border 127-kilometer a has township Khaf IRNA told Ziaei Ali Society Crescent Red Khaf the of Head Sans Medecins and UNICEF the from representatives the that reporter the to visits paid also have (Borders without Doctors) Frontieres .village Chahgerd the in camp refugee displaced 800,000 settle to ready was it previously said Iran neighboring the inside Afghanistan with fringes its on Afghans is it if million one to number the raise to willing is Iran .country .organizations relief world by assisted on Nourbala, Ali Ahmad Society, Crescent Red Iran's of head The camps nine up set to ready is Republic Islamic the that said Wednesday that adding refugees, Afghan receive to country neighboring the inside the to adjacent Afghanistan inside established been already has camp a .Province Sistan-Baluchestan southeastern refugees of share its than more shouldered has it said Iran situation critical the to due However, .Afghanistan war-torn from a influx fresh the giving is it country that in prevailing currently epidemic of spread the is now for concern main Its .eye sympathetic .with coping now is Iran burden the increase could that diseases obstructing is regime Taliban hardline the said also has Nourbala shelter to territory Afghan inside camps up set to efforts Iranian High Nations United The .country their fleeing refugees more and more would Afghan million 5.1 about said (UNHCR) Refugees for Commissioner attacks .S.U the of fears for countries neighboring the in refuge seek .Iran in shelter seek would 450,000 whom of Afghanistan, on HB/JB End