Oct 15, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Mashhad in arrives aid relief UAE of consignment First of consignment first The -- IRNA 15, Oct .prov Khorasan Mashhad, Mashhad in arrived (UAE) Emirates Arab United the by aid relief the .Monday on in landed foodstuff of tons 40 contains that consignment This .airplane an in Airport Mashhad was who council administration Crescent Red UAE the of head The of dispatch that IRNA told delegation a heading plane this aboard sending for bridge a of creation the of part is consignment this .UAE the and Iran between air by aid and relief the for UAE the from consignment the of contents the described He of tons 150 including borders Iranian at camps in refugees Afghan tents clothing, and milk powder sugar tea, rice, as such foodstuff .blankets and in flights four via Iran in arrive would aid such that said He .days consecutive four UAE the that said he aid the of continuity the stressing while Crescent Red Iranian the with cooperation of fields other review would the to according aid relief the continue to order in Society .requirements cooperation and help any for readiness country's his announced He Afghan the admitting in even , Society Crescent Red Iranian the with .refugees Society Crescent Red Province Khorasan of general director The Mashhad in stored be would aid the that IRNA told also Ani Younes arrive refugees the as soon as borders the to delivered be would and .there Afghanistan into transited be would it otherwise, that added Ani .policy government's Iranian the with accordance in manpower and facilities our of All"present, at that said also He established be would camps 6 permission, Taliban's upon and ready are ".hours 48 within erected tents and camps of establishment for efforts all despite and Unfortunately no reached have we soil, Afghanistan the inside borderline the in .added he yet, Taliban with agreement borderline the along locations 6 anticipated have authorities The of erection for soil Afghanistan inside and province Khorassan with .camps towns border in locations other four and Taybad in locations Two places the among are Ghayen and Birjand Khaaf, Jaam, Torbat-e of .camps of erection for determined BM/JB End