Oct 15, 2001, 12:01 AM
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today justice and peace of need in mankind :Leader and authorities Iranian ranking highest The -- IRNA 15, Oct Tehran, on Hussayniyeh Khomeini Imam the attended officials government Revolution Islamic the of Leader Supreme the felicitate to Monday Prophet of occasion glorious the on Khamenei Ali Seyed Ayatollah Mab'ath the God-- of Messenger last the as appointment Muhammad's .Eid President and leader the which in meeting, the at present Also Islamic the of ambassadors the were audience, the addressed Khatami .Iran in countries the on emphasized Leader Supreme the address, Eid-day his In all stability, and security peace, of prevalence to need mankind's is peace world the that regret expressing justice, with coupled behavior the to due today threatened seriously and endangered strongly .region this in States United the of of approach warmonger the condemns Iran of Republic Islamic The" to governments and nations world the inviting States, United the rational adopting as well as calmness, and peace safeguarding .leader the reiterated "approaches, assisting against countries regional the warned Khamenei Ayatollah that war, of diminutions the escalate only can that warmongers, the a but ,(nation) Umma Islamic the of interests the against only not is .mankind whole the of interests the against move claims, politicians' countries powerful certain to Referring of prevalence the pursuing are they that Americans, the particularly that surprise expressed leader the globe, the around justice and peace these by imposed been have mankind of history the in wars big the all .powers a is attacks terrorist recent the towards reaction their now Even" endangering that, above and region the in peace against threat serious .Khamenei Ayatollah warned "stability, and peace international the pretext .S.U the evaluated Revolution Islamic the of Leader The a staging for Afghanistan in culprits few a of presence the of that emphasizing "pretext weak pretty a" as there, war devastating convinced not was politicians', pro-American the even mind, sound no .justification weak that with in air-raids (American-British) heavy the that said He nation, Afghan oppressed the against injustice great a are Afghanistan approach hostile and revengeful discriminating, the today," adding, the as well as Afghanistan, in powers oppressor the by adopted in situation chaotic this of advantage taking Regime's racist-Zionist truly imposed all have Palestine, in crimes cruel more committing ".world Islamic whole the over conditions painful States United the is bearer standard whose civilization The" injustice, with coupled facade warmonger a presenting is today, lasting the is that and behavior, irrational and arrogance, that of identity real the of have will mankind the that impression "image incompetent an claim, their despite is, which civilization, .Khamenei Ayatollah said the of memory the forgotten not still has mankind the that said He few a) Rome and Iran conquered civilization Islamic the when time humane the to due that concluding ,(Islam of advent the after decades Iranians many time, the at Muslims conqueror the of approach just and the for guarantee best the is that and Islam, to converted Romans and .civilization this of life lasting of propagation complicated and vast the to tuned then leader The such Muslims, the and Islam against networks news international the Christianity, and Islam between "crusade" another of declaration as in West the by adopted approach irrational the of aspect another as .developments recent the of context the intentionally, and knowingly adopted being are approaches such If" only not definitely are they scenario, pre-planned a of context the in reputation the on blot big a but mankind, whole the to threat big a .leader the said "well, as civilization, western the of to need sheer mankind's the on stressed then Khamenei Ayatollah to way only the that noting values, and teachings Islamic exalted the individual Muslims the adjust to is world modern the in them promote spheres, personal and social political, in deeds, collective and .norms and codes Islamic authentic the with tough the under task crucial and sensitive world's Islamic The" and enmities internal their off ward to is conditions current thus unity, Islamic essential vitally the embrace to and differences, the added "grandeur, Islamic the of revival the towards moving .leader Islamic the and Muslims world the encouraged Khamenei Ayatollah shared abundant and inheritance Islamic great the on rely to countries to them enable easily will that countries Islamic the of resources future, their and fate their on decisions important essentially make and them, against plotted oppression and injustice threats, the annul and victoriously atmosphere world's unjust an such in tall stand to .prosperously NA/JB End