Oct 15, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Blair says resolutions, UN implement to Israel for Time an made Blair Tony Minister Prime British - IRNA 15, .Oct London, implement and moment the seize to Monday Israel on call unprecedented .resolutions Council Security UN the all Blair "implemented, fully be to resolutions UN all for time is It" Palestinian with talks holding after conference press a told .Arafat Yasser President Authority the is now" said he US, the in attacks month's last the Following peace East Middle the move to "urgency of sense renewed a of moment .peace and justice on based forward process agreed and negotiated a of part as state, Palestinian viable A" the is Israel, for security and peace guarantees which settlement, balanced most his in said minister prime British the "objective, .conflict East Middle the on date to statement US, the in attacks the by provoked was call his that denied He events the of irrespective right, own its in important" was it saying ".11 September of the of Blair told he meeting, his during that said Arafat assassinations, seizures, the of people, Palestinian the of suffering of demolitions the and settlements Israeli growing the bombardments, .houses Palestinian final joint resume to regime Zionist the on called he said He comprehensive and just a reach to immediately negations status .settlement the stop to "occupation, Israeli the end to time high was It" with state, independent Palestinian a establish and conflict .said Arafat capital, its as Jerusalem HC/KS End