Oct 15, 2001, 12:01 AM
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London York, New in down prices futures oil Crude on trading in fell prices futures oil Crude -- IRNA 15, .Oct Vienna, .Friday (NYMEX) Exchange Mercantile York New the added crude, benchmark American the ,(WTI) Intermediate Texas West The .delivery November for barrel a 50.22 Dlrs at settle to cents 84 82,.22 Dlrs at settle to cents 87 by decreased contract December .Monday here said sources Monday, York New in trading access electronic after-hours In for 80.22 Dlrs and delivery November for 48.22 Dlrs fetching was WTI .close NYMEX the from down both contract, December the Friday, London in (IPE) Exchange Petroleum International the On cents 73 by down was delivery November for oil crude Brent Sea North 02.23 Dlrs at was high day's The .barrel a 73.21 Dlrs at settle to .22.21 Dlrs low the and KZ/MHJ/KS End