Oct 15, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Rezaei says Afghanistan, in cooperation Iran's need will US the against cooperate to willing is Iran -- IRNA 15, .Oct London, United the by led is it if Afghanistan in terrorism against fight .Rezaei Mohsen Council Expediency the of secretary says Nations, is US the Although .crisis this to solution the is Iran fact, In" Rezaei, "position, Iran's needs seriously it Iran, with dissatisfied quoted was Guards, Revolutionary Islamic the commander former .Monday published Times, Financial the with interview an in saying they Afghanistan, of swamp the in trapped get Americans the If" was US the that elaborating in said he "Iran, need definitely will .Vietnam another for heading the stressed have to said was Rezaei interview, his During the and Afghanistan in play could Republic Islamic the role positive the on interests similar sharing terrorism, against fight global .Taliban the of removal this in security establishing in role effective an have can Iran" the of representative as but gendarme US a of role the in not region, will US the finally that think still We .community international .said he "conclusion, this reach the said "Iran, confront to US the for reason no is There" and policy set to helps which Council, Expediency the of secretary confrontation of possibility the dismissed He .disputes on arbitrates ".zero almost" as Tehran and Washington between UN- a in cooperation Iran's that suggested Times Financial the But Washington of price a at come could terrorism against campaign led .Tehran containing of policy hostile its ending end the and sanctions US of easing an expect would said, it Iran, to territory its through oil Caspian piping from exclusion its to .markets international HC/KS End