Oct 14, 2001, 12:01 AM
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:NO 6-HAYAT-E hub tourist important an into turn can +Talesh northern the in Talesh of city the in excavations Archaeological that indicated have years of couple past the over Gilan of province .Iran in hub tourist important an into turn can city the - - - - 7-QODS flowers withered in annually lost million 16 +Dlrs decorative million 50 as well as flowers of stalks million 750 the of percent 70 to 60 .annually produced are vases in flowers official an losses, in dollars million 16 to leading wasted, is output said He .said Mohammadi Union Producers Plants and Flower the at 10 dlrs to five dlrs country the earns commodity the of export the .year a million - - - - :EDALAT 8-SEDAY-E charges embezzlement denies Bank Sepah of Director +Managing rejected Shirani Ali-Reza Bank Sepah of Director Managing and Mellat Sepah, in embezzlement billion 5,000 rls on reports harm to trying are claims such raising those said and banks Saderat .banks the of credit and reputation the - - - - :9-ABRAR operational be to unit production cane sugar third +Khuzestan's sugar third Khuzestan's says Hojjati Mahmoud Minister Agriculture .year this November in operational be will unit production cane - - - - 10-TOSS'E years three next in operational be to project 10 +Olefin is Project, 10 Olefin of executor the Company, Petrochemical Jam Public The .period 39-month a in operation into project the put to (NPC) Company Petrochemical National the at Department Relations saying as Company Petrochemical Jam of director managing the quoted .world the in kind its of biggest the is project the that - - - - :11-RESALAT right always are +Consumers Resalat daily Farsi the with interviews separate in Experts benefit to right their including demands, consumers' that stressed .met be should prices, fair from - - - - ROUZ 12-SIASAT-E has (MPO) Organization Planning and Management the of office An and year this overdue be will debts Iran's of percent 66 about said .deposits forex deplete might this - - - - 13-MELLAT Hashemzadeh Masood Organization System Veterinary Iran's of +Head that warned (ISNA) Agency News Students Iran's with interview an in of spread the to lead will Afghanistan from livestock of smuggling he adopt not do organizations and officials related if diseases epidemic .it contain to measures necessary - - - - 14-NOROUZ Canada from imports wheat at cut to +Iran agriculture next the in Canada from imports wheat slash to is Iran exports wheat Canada's .quality low their the to due (2001-2002) year agriculture last the in tons million 5.1 nearly to decreased Iran to .(2000-2001) year - - - - :15-KAR-O-KARGAR industry textiles the at lay-offs to lead legislation +Recent protest a in has province Qazvin in Council Labor Islamic The laying the to lead will legislation Majlis recent a that warned scroll early an for calls legislation The .workers textiles of off .workers of retirement - - - - :EQTESADI 16-ABRAR-E percent 50 by Iran for guarantees export increase to +France told has Cadilhon Yves Embassy French of attache economic The guarantees export increase to plans country his that Eqtesadi Abrar-e .2002 year the in euros million 300 from euros million 450 to Iran for - - - - :17-KAYHAN completed refinery Fars and Ilam of +Construction the that said has Mohammadnejad Hamdollah Company Gas of Head Mohammadnejad .completed has refineries Fars and Ilam of construction .gas ethane is refineries the of feedstock main the said - - - 18-ETTELA'AT opens Commodities Non-Oil of Export on Seminar +Seventh Exports Commodities' Non-Oil of Expansion on Seminar Seventh The Commerce by Saturday on Province, Azarbaijan East Tabriz, in opened .Shariatmadari Mohammad Minister - - - - :NEWS 19-IRAN increase to commodities chemical industrial, of +Shipment were goods chemical and industrial of tons million 1,239 Some 23- August) Shahrivar of month Iranian during unloaded and loaded comparison in increase percent 63 and 73 shows which (22 September .year last period same the and month Iranian last the with - - - - :TIMES 20-TEHRAN exports increase standards control +Quality Standards the at Manager Packaging the Mohammadi, Kazem over all institutes ``Standards Times, Tehran told has Institute, products Some .product each for criterion minimum a set world the and sanitation health, maintain to order in standardized be must .requirements safety BG/BH/AR End