Oct 14, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Press Wednesday's in headlines making news Economic stories news economic major are Following -- IRNA 14, Oct Tehran, :Sunday on dailies Iranian in highlighted were which :1-IRAN be should goods of standard of Observation :+President culture a into turned to need the stressed Saturday on here Khatami Mohammad President production and goods of production in regulations standard to adhere into turned be should it said and services and goods quality high of .culture public a - - - - in held be to Exhibition Building Tunnel International +First month next Tehran held be to is Exhibition Building Tunnel International First The October from University Tehran of Faculty Technical the at here .represented be will companies foreign and Iranian 40 where 29-31, - - - - Tehran of north built be to Center Trade World +Iran's Stock Joint Exhibitions International Iran's of Director Managing Iran's that Saturday on reporters told Esfahbodi Hossein Company for towers two building in France with cooperate will sector private .Fairground International Iran's at Center, Trade World Iran's and obtained been has move the for permits said Esfahbodi .launched be will operations executive :ESLAMI 2-JOMHOURI-YE higher revenue a Iran earn to industry jewelry of +Expansion oil than International the of head and Union Makers Jewel the of Member expansion said Kashani Hamid Asia in Studies Jewelry for Institution related of export and Iran in industry jewelry and stones precious of .oil than higher times revenue a Iran earn will products - - - - recession economic prevents sector +Housing Policies Development Housing on Seminar eighth the of Secretary for backup a has sector housing said has Nikou-Seresht Naser of attraction in influential been always has industry, national .recession economic prevented has and capital, - - - - biggest pose resources of Scarcity :Minister Energy +Deputy industry power Iran's to challenge Ahmadian Mohammad Affairs Electricity for Minister Energy Deputy implementation full for resources financial of scarcity said has Power Iran's challenge important most the is projects development of to needs industry power Iran's said Ahmadian .facing is industry capacity watt mega 11,000 with plants power thermal and hydraulic put demand and supply between balance a strike to as so operation into .years four next the in - - - - :Yazd 3-AFTAB-E countries 80 with positive balance trade +Iran's session inaugural told Shariatmadari Mohammad Minister Commerce that Commodities Non-Oil of Expansion on Seminar seventh the of the said He .positive now is countries 80 with balance trade Iran's positive been had balance trade Iran's which with countries of number .past the in 56 was - - - - be will standards Iran's to counter running goods of +Import prevented a in said Jahangiri Es'haq Minister Mines and Industries should goods imported that Day, Standard World the marking ceremony, ones the of import otherwise standards global and domestic with go .prevented be would rule the violating - - - - damage in billion 21,000 rls inflicts +Drought told Jazayeri Abbas Headquarters Disasters Natural the of Head that Saturday on (province Fars) Shiraz in Seminar Management Crisis .country the on damage in billion 21,000 rls caused has drought - - - - :4-HAMSHAHRI High of formation opposes Majlis at Commission Budget and +Plan Council Energy Hassan Majlis at Commission Budget and Plan the of Rapporteur government's that Hamshahri daily Farsi the told has Ramezanpour Plan the by rejected was Council Energy High of formation for proposal the to counter ran it because Commission Auditing and Budget and .(2000-2005) Plan Development Economic Five-Year Third - - - - stabilize to energy Sea Caspian of Transfer :Koulaie Elaheh .+Dr route transfer the alongside lying states of sovereignty is Iran said has Koulaie Elaheh expert Caucasus and Asian Central Central from energy of transfer for routes important most the of one .S.U the however, that, said Koulaie .markets world the to Asia been years past the over has Iran with dispute its of because geographical unique the from Iran depriving of strategy the following .chance regional and international the all of irrespective said She and Asia Central of energy of transfer that seems it considerations .Iran for consequences geopolitical serious have would Caucasus the - - - - Iran in made bread wasted recycling for +System Biotechnological Iran's at instructors of board the of Member wasted recycling for system the of designer and Institute Research on based made been has system the said has Mirzamandi Farrokh bread .methods biotechnological - - - - :5-AFARINESH Pars at unit monomer styrene of construction for +Contract signed company Petrochemical company Italian an with contract a signed has Company Sazeh Iran's Pars at plant producing monomer styrene a of establishment for in Zone Economic Energy Special Pars South in Company Petrochemical .Asalouyeh has Company Petrochemical National at Department Relations Public 3.122 dlrs including million, 196 dlrs worth is project the said .rials in rest the and exchange foreign in million - - - - Iran's :Majlis at Commission Development the of member +Ayati, inefficient and old system banking said Ayati Mehdi Majlis at Commission Development the of Member the and inefficient and out worn old, is system banking Iran's .system banking state-run the from suffers country - - - - minority in are dollar 7,000 rls in believing +Those will rial against dollar of rate the said has source informed An the of committee strategic the and year next 8,000 rls around be fair a coordinate to plan studying is (CBI) Iran of Bank Central .system rate parity single the under rate forex the for price BG/AR More