Oct 14, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA Tehran major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 14, Oct Tehran, :Sunday on dailies NEWS IRAN -- "rejected offer chance' `second Bush's President" .W George President rejected have Taliban ruling Afghanistan's suspect terrorist surrender to them for offer "chance second" Bush's .Saturday said official Taliban a Laden, bin Osama INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- "Safavi -- domination regional pursuing .S.U" among race new a ignited has region the in adventurism .S.U securing at aimed conglomerates international and countries European Islamic the of commander the Sea, Caspian the in foothold a said Safavi, Rahim Yahya General Major Corps, Guard Revolution's the in confrontation a of chances increased has this adding Saturday, .region TIMES TEHRAN -- :dictators repressive supports but democracy about talks .S.U" "Heikal an in Heikal, Hassanein Mohammad scholar, Muslim prominent A logic no saw he said Guardian,' `The daily British the with interview standards double the denounced and Afghanistan against attacks the in same the at while democracy about talks which .S.U the of policy .world the around dictators repressive supports time IRAN -- "soon Iran visit to FM German" Friday, on dispatched report a in DPA, agency news German The for preparing is Fischer Joschka Minister Foreign German that said .Iran to trip imminent an YAZD AFTAB-E -- "support lobby to Majlis in minister Interior" whose Mousavi-Lari, Abdolvahed Minister Interior Embattled has parliament, of halls the in deputies 17 by sought is impeachment that lobby a start to Karroubi Mehdi Speaker Majlis by invited been .impeachment his to alternative an offer could ENTEKHAB -- "targeted Laden Bin of bases political-military Twenty" Saturday on Entekhab told Afghanistan inside source informed An military and political important 20 targeted missiles American that .night Friday Laden bin Osama of bases AFARINESH -- match (football) Iran-Iraq of results celebrating people 400" "arrested the after order public disturbing of accused people 400 Some and political deputy the arrested, been have match soccer Iran-Iraq .Saturday said Rezai-Babadi, Ebrahim Police, Tehran of head security ESLAMI JOMURI-E -- British American, for disdain express communities World" "Afghanistan in atrocities of acts against blow to continuing are condemnations of Waves on attacks British and American ongoing the on as well as terrorism the and Muslims world by people Afghan defenseless and oppressed the .Iran of Republic Islamic the of people revolutionary EDALAT SEDAY-E -- "threat under is America :Bush .W George" is country the that Friday said Bush .W George President .S.U .threat under still TOSS'E -- "views Aviv's Tel to objected Europe" European for plea Israeli an rejected has Council European The .Aviv Tel from Beit-ul-Moqaddas to transferred be to embassies QODS -- "war' dirty this `Stop :London in demonstrations Unprecedented" Britain in residing non-Muslims and Muslims of thousands of Tens on attacks military the condemning London in demonstrations held .them to halt a for calling and Afghanistan MELLAT -- "council education top of member named Rahnavard Zahra" on issued order administrative an in Khatami, Mohammad President political his and chancellor university female a named Saturday, Council Education Supreme the of member as Rahnavard, Zahra advisor, .years four of term a for ROUZ SIASAT-E -- "death of letters over fears Rising" for positive tested has office Microsoft a to sent letter A state .S.U southwestern the in authorities local anthrax, of traces .Saturday said Nevada of RESALAT -- "alert on put Hypocrites" and military its put has Baghdad that Saturday said radio Iraqi Organization, Khalq Mujahedin terrorist the including units, militia region, the in developments recent following alert of state high a on .Afghanistan on attacks -led.S.U the particularly NOROUZ -- "court to summoned Alavi-Tabar" editorial the of member a and journalist a Alavi-Tabar, Alireza to summoned been has daily, Emrouz Sobh-e banned the of board .Court Administrative Tehran the of 1406 Branch before appear HAMSHAHRI -- Afghan following region in volatile highly prospects Investment" "crisis and Asia Central in might of show massive '.S.U the Following share and investment for prospects Afghanistan, on attacks its .volatile highly been have region the of countries in markets ABRAR -- "casualties civilian caused having to confesses America" on attacks aerial the of start the since time first the For the in civilians massacring to confessed has .S.U the Afghanistan, .country war-torn KAREGAR KAR-O -- be should goods standard seeking of culture A :Khatami" "cultivated of culture a said Saturday on Khatami Mohammad President and goods of production the on regulations standard to adhering in inculcated be should services and products quality on insistence .public the BH/LS/HM End