Oct 14, 2001, 12:01 AM
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daily :interests national threaten rivalries political Current called Sunday on editorial its in News' `Iran -- IRNA 14, Oct Tehran, the between rivalries political current the to end immediate an for will attitude this that warning ,"conservatives and reformists" .interests national threaten Khatami's President on commenting was paper English-language The against proceedings legal regarding Judiciary the to warning recent them, against sentences subsequent the and Parliament of members MPs the that immunity political the contravening as it terming .enjoy constitutionally the to up 2000 28, May on Majlis 6th the of beginning the From with courts the by summoned been have MPs 30" almost time, present jail, to sentenced and convicted been actually having them of some Haqiqatjoo, Fatemeh and Hamadan from MP Loqmanian, Hussein including ".MP Tehran a Majlis, the in majority the from who Reformists, the to According Every" :stipulates clearly Constitution the of 84 Article entire the vis-a-vis responsible be shall Majlis the of representative and internal all on views his express to entitled be shall and nation .daily the noted "country, the of matters external carrying While" :says Constitution the of 86 Article Furthermore, (Assembly Consultative Islamic The) Majlis as functions their out to free completely be shall Majlis the of representatives the members, prosecuted be not may They .votes their cast and views their express their casting or Majlis the in views their expressing for arrested or it "representative, a as functions their discharging while votes .added the rejects Branch Judiciary the noted, paper the However, maintaining article, stated above the of interpretation Reformists' the enjoy Iranians all that says Constitution the of 19 Article that .exception no with rights same tribe whatever of Iran, of people The" 19, Article to According the and language race, color, and rights, equal enjoy shall clan, and .noted it "privilege, a be not shall like protests and reasonings the despite that unfortunate however is It pressure increasing put to continues Judiciary the Reformists, the of .paper the regretted Parliament, the of members reformist the on Khatami compelled that Constitution of breach this is it fact, In .daily the believed Judiciary, the to notice a serve to left option only the notice, presidential this added, it However, no has Constitution the since "teeth no has" president the to to decides Chief Judiciary the if situation the with deal to provision .notice President's the ignore feguard to court a up set to decided reformists the that noted It be to was it how of short stopped it however, Constitution the .operated and established the taken have to long too taking for Khatami President blamed It .Judiciary the against decision current overwhelming the since actions and views excessive reformists The" the for esponsible partly are Khatami President of victory election the out pointed "politics, domestic country's the in situation current .daily fulfill to unable been have reformists the why reason Another strong increasingly under are and reform of promises their reformists the although that fact the to due is pressure Conservative Conservatives the seats, Majlis the of percent 80" captured have may ".nationwide power of levers the of percent 80 control still is rivalries political current the for reason probable Another attack to began and wind the to caution threw reformists the because victory the following unrelentingly, and recklessly Conservatives the daily, the believed 1997, 23, May of elections Parliamentary the in strong very a drew reformists the of attitude this that adding .Conservatives the from reaction with now happy too none are reformists many" noted, it fact, In example the stating "Conservatives, the vis-a-vis did camp their what Hashemi President former destroying politically in attitude their of .Council Expediency powerful the of head the currently Rafsanjani, like being as 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