Oct 14, 2001, 12:01 AM
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newspapers Pakistani in Headlines in appeared headlines following The -- IRNA 14, Oct Islamabad, :Sunday on dailies major Pakistan's Dawn operations all of part become to not Pakistan * compensation seeking Islamabad * mistake admits Washington * Kabul leaving families of Hundreds * action ground for plans no says UK * News The resumes areas Afghan of bombing Heavy * Afghanistan to troops send to prepares US * Kandahar to rushes Zaeef * Office Foreign :Powell with discussed be to Kashmir * turn dangerous takes campaign Pro-Taliban * Nation The attacks fresh in killed Civilians * offer chance second Bush's rejects Omar * arrested leader former Jaish-e-Mohammad * make-up govt new mull Afghans * Kashmir in force commando special increase to India * Post Frontier The Afghanistan in mistakes past admits Straw * today airport Jacobabad on siege lay to JUI * set-up post-Taliban of part be to Pakhtuns * London in demos strike Anti-US * strikes air US to halt for calls UN * Observer Pakistan Afghanistan against warfare chemical launches US * tomorrow meeting commanders Pak * Kabul in area civilian hits bomb US * Afghanistan in war against protest Germans * /MMZ/LS/HM End