Oct 14, 2001, 12:01 AM
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discovered "Jamshid Namay-e Jahan Jam-e" of Traces of Organization Heritage Cultural of Manager -- IRNA 14, Oct Bushehr, that Saturday on said Samali Abbasi Bagher Mohammad province Bushehr of existence the of traces out, carried researches the to according was (Grail Display World) Nama Jahan Jam-e or Jamshid or Jam Jam-e Bushehr in Township Kangan of part district, Jam in discovered .province district Jam in studies initial the that IRNA told Samali Abbasi with Englishman an of participation with out carried been have that Avesta in narrated Iran in events historical the about origin Iranian of era the of traces the indicate ,(book holy Zoroastrians the) .region this in kingdom Jam Jamshid-e Jam overlooking mountains the in that show researches The angles special with points several in walls polished great district, Leather) "Ayeneh Charm" them call Jam the of lore the that exist .added he dialect, local their in (Mirrors they district, Jam of people old the to according that said He "Ayenehs Charm" these under glass black of pieces little find to used .hypothesis this strengthens that reminded province Bushehr of heritage cultural of manager The Bushehr's and researcher this by out carried studies the in that called there mountain a is there specialists, heritage cultural had that Paradise or Pardis is which dialect local the in "Padari" to according kingdom his of beginning and Jam of residence the been .Avesta as such era Sasanid of items many to access that said He all district Jam in roads communicating and walls defensive castles, .Nama Jahan Jam-e of traces the of tales tell coordination upon discoveries these of significance the of view In the with plan study primary the organization, heritage cultural with the by 2001 23, October on commence would rials million 25 of credit .added he organization, this of team archaeology the and specialists also organization heritage cultural province Bushehr of Manager "Padari" in discovered symbol the studies these in that reminded Jamshid of residence the been probably had that (Paradise) mountain .research and studies painstaking and scrutiny undergo would BM/JB End