Oct 14, 2001, 12:01 AM
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source:Afghanistan in regions three free forces coalition Islamic Movement Islamic the of forces military The -- IRNA 14, Oct Mashhad, regions three freed Dustom Abdrurashid General by led Afghanistan, of that to attached source military a country, that of Province Sarpol in .Saturday IRNA told front Mashhad IRNA's calling was who Khan Muhammad Shafi'a General said the that added Afghanistan inside from night Saturday Bureau people the by militants Taliban the from freed actually were regions .forces Dustom's to delivered then and areas those in residing the that said deputy Dustom's as himself introduced who Shafi'a districts Souzmaneh and Sayyad Kouhestan, the include regions freed .Province Sarpol the of Taliban's under previously soldiers thousand four some said He Movement Islamic the to themselves surrendered initially had command which regions, freed three the within developments Saturday the before the of remainder the from region their clear to people the encouraged .Movement Islamic the to them delivered and forces Taliban 45 another source military Movement Islamic this to According Islamic United the to themselves surrendered too, soldiers, Taliban in ammunition and arms commanders, their with along forces Front's .region Commanderate Sultan Hazrat too, forces, Taliban of 140 another that said Shafi'e General their with along Front Islamic United the to themselves surrendered vehicles several and cannons anti-aircraft including armaments, heavy .Province Samangan the of region Maqsoud in day same the during United Afghanistan's of member a is front Islamic United Dustom's .Front Islamic NA/JB End