Oct 13, 2001, 12:01 AM
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London in rally anti-war join thousands of Tens (quotes details, more with Recast) gathered demonstrators of thousands of Tens - IRNA 13, .Oct London, Allied 1991 the since rally peace largest the in Saturday London in .1991 in Iraq against War in Square Trafalgar to Arch Marble from march peaceful The to due demonstrations 100 estimated an with coincides London central protest in world the across countries in simultaneously part take .Afghanistan of bombardment US-led the against being is that action bombing this that strongly very think We" that coalition the up breaking is and counterproductive is supported from Chamberlain Nigel said "past, the in up built carefully been has .organiser main the ,(CND) Disarmament Nuclear for Campaign the the to only not message strong a out send to vital was it said He the stop to government American the to also but government British .war Socialist" as such messages bearing placards carried Protesters ."imperialism US/UK Fight .War Bloody This Stop .Worker & peace says CND" and "name my in not says CND" :said Others ."all for justice Muslims Arab included marchers the reporters, IRNA to According and Afghanistan Africa, Iran, Pakistan, from those as well as the is God) "Allah-o-Akbar" chanted They .states Islamic other "war No" ,(God one but is There) "Ilallah Ilaha La" and (Greatest .drums on banged and whistles blew also They ."peace want We" and trade academics, politicians, by supported being is rally The were Britain across mosques Several .Muslims British and unionists .protests the join to buses special on laid have to reported Sunday's condemning when ,(MCB) Britain of Council Muslim The million two UK's the on called Afghanistan, on strikes air of launch through ways peaceful in protest their voice to" community Muslim ".vigils and demonstrations would attacks of launch the that warned group Muslim umbrella The expressed also It ".world the in polarisation further a to lead only" Muslim other encompass to war' the `widening of talk about alarm .countries that announced also organisation Palestinian secular largely Two their saying rally, anti-war mass the in participate would they to resolution just a that belief the on based was join to decision .security and peace world to key a was conflict East Middle the the organising in instrumental been also has Party Green Britain's six" that warned has Wright Margaret speaker, principal Its .protest that and "Afghanistan in starvation from risk at were people million .priority the be must aid .just only swift, be to have doesn't Justice" :said She be will it or now, delivered be must Afghanistan for aid Whereas" ".late too 1960s, the in demonstrations War anti-Vietnam led which CND, The 46,000 collected far so had it that week the during announced .Afghanistan on attacks the against petition a in signatures which in London in demonstration a organised it ago, weeks Two military of launch the against warning part, took 3,000 over .US the in attacks 11 September the for reprisals held been have rallies Sunday, last started bombing the Since also were vigils Peace .UK the in cities major many throughout of House the and office Minister's Prime the outside organised .war the on debate emergency an for recalled was it when Commons, the of part as planned originally was rally London The .Space of Militarisation the Stop to Protest of Day International strikes the on attention their turned have organisers However .Afghanistan against transmission of time the until reported was incident violent No .story this of HC/KS/KS End