Oct 13, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Press Iranian Wednesday's in headlines making news Economic stories news economic major are Following -- IRNA 13, Oct Tehran, :Saturday on dailies Iranian in highlighted were which :ESLAMI JOMHOURI -- "year last tons 580,000 up production Egg" Ahmad Affairs Livestock for Minister Jihad Agriculture Deputy Kabiri .year last produced were eggs of tons 580,000 said Kabiri of tons 800,000 to up produce to capacity the has country the said .year a eggs *** "formed Rice Iranian Supporting for Association" Ministry Jihad Agricultre at Hedquarters Rice the of Secretary Iranian Supporting for Association the said has Alizadeh-Shayeq Jamil .fromed been has Rice --ABRAR restricts system taxation Iran's :Minister Finance and Economy" "investment present said has Mazaheri Tahmasb Minister Finance and Economy .investment and industries of expansion restricts system taxation the in made be should changes fundamental said, Tahmasebi Therefore, .system *** "application Iran's rejects WTO" commercial Plenipotentiary Iran's of Head Deputy Executive join to application Iran's said has Omidbakhsh office representative third the for rejected been has (WTO) Organization Trade World the .meeting Council General WTO the at by year this time *** "drops deposits forex Iran's" Planning and Management the at Department Economy Macro foreign Iran's of percent 66 about that said has (MPO) Organization the down push to predicted is it and year this overdue be will debts .deposits forex country's *** "Kazakhstan from wheat of tons 800,000 buy to Iran" Almaty told has Company Agriculture and Food Kazakhstan of Head tons 800,000 export to is Kazakhstan that weekly `Panorama' based .year this Iran to wheat of *** "percent 54 up value export Garments" in that announced has (EPCI) Iran of Center Promotion Export The (March started) year Iranian current the of months six first the were million, 4.42 dlrs nearly worth garments, of tons 8.3,192 in growth percent 2.54 and 8.25 showed exports the said It .exported .respectively weight and value of terms :ROUZ --SIASTAT-E "subsidies receive to exporters chicken and Egg" Ahmad Affairs Livestock for Ministry Jihad Agriculture Deputy are chicken of tons 775,000 and egg of tons 585,000 said Kabiri 20, March year Iranian the of end the by produced be to expected year this subsidies provide to is government tthe said Kabiri .2002 .exporters to incentive an as :--AFARINESH barrels 530,000 reach to capacity production Refinery Abadan" "day a has Dakhili Mohammad-Bagher Refinery Abadan of Director Managing Plan Development Economic Five-Year Third the of end by that said 530,000 to rise will capacity nominal Refinery's Abadan (2000-2005) .bpd 400,000 present from day per barrels *** the to carpets machine-made worth million 8.6 dlrs exports Iran" "republics Asian Central and states littoral Gulf Persian Iran of Center Promotion Export the at Department Relations Public tons 2,890 year the of months six first the in that said has (EPCI) exported were million, 8.6 dlrs nearly worth carpets, machine-made of .republics Asian Central the and states littoral Gulf Persian the to *** "assets national destroyed have projects incomplete 9,000" (MPO) Organization Planning and Management the of Head Deputy national laid have projects national semi-finished the said Tafazoli .country the for harms cause will this said He .idle assets :--ENTEKHAB "destruction forest preventing for measures Latest" with concurrent plans up follows Organization Rangeland and Forest forest to cabinet, the by assigned committee, special a of dispatch .resources natural of destruction prevent to areas *** "bombardment Afghanistan's following down price Gold" price gold S,.U the by Afghanistan of bombardment the Following gold Iran's down pushing markets, global in sharply declined has Farsi the by published report special a to according well, as prices .Entekhab daily :--RESALAT " barrel a 43.20 dlrs to up price basket OPEC" cents 57 by increased crudes seven of basket OPEC's of price The Secretariat OPEC to according Thursday, barrel a 43.20 dlrs at was and .Friday here, calculations :--KAR-O-KARGAR "Sea Caspian the in decrease not to reserves caviar Iran's" Rezvani Sohrab Fisheries on Research of Institute the of Head institute, his by conducted research of diversity on based said has in depleted be not will Sea Caspian the in resources sturgeon Iran's .years ten next the :NEWS --IRAN "period 1997-2000 in percent 1.4 averages growth GDP Iran's" Planning and Management the at Department Economy Macro gross Iran's in growth average that announced (MPO) Organization 1997-2000 the tin percent 1.4 about at stood (GDP) product domestic .period 1997, in that 2000 year the in report economic its in said MPO The 46 almost from year last rials billion 52 about to rose GDP Iran's .prices fixed in 1990 in rials billion *** "Internet of cost reduce to Iran" (TCI) Iran of Company Telecommunications of Director Managing October, late beginning that Wednesday here said Bahrampour Alireza for speed higher to addition in network, optics fiber using by of cost the capacity, and quality improved and data, of transmission .reduced be will use Internet *** "months six in tons 2,000 exceed exports carpet Iran's" at valued carpets, machine-made of tons 2,088 some exported Iran year Iranian current the of half first the during million, 8.6 dlrs Office Relations Public the by issued report a ,(21 March started) .Thursday on here said (EPCI) Iran of Center Promotion Exports the of :INTERNATIONAL --KAYHAN "year new in slump to rates Forex" year Iranian new the in drop will rial against rates Forex as market oil wobbling the of wake the in (2002 21, March starting) .currency state the unify to bid government's the as well :DAILY --IRAN "industry food in employed 200,000" Wednesday on Jahangiri Eshaq Mines and Industries of Minister dollars million 170 worth products food of tons 349,000 nearly said 12th the of day second the told Jahangiri .year last exported was the among is industry food the that Industries Food on Congress people 200,000 which in country the of sectors economic important .employed directly are *** "tourism promote to plan Malaysian adopt Ministers OIC" Conference Islamic the of Organization the of ministers Tourism of number a adopted conference two-day a of end the at (OIC) .group 56-nation the within tourism promote to recommendations :TIMES --TEHRAN "agriculture Isfahan's on damage 2,000b rls inflicts Drought" year this Isfahan of province central the hit which drought The the agriculture, on damage in billion 2,864 rls some inflicted has on here said Department Disasters natural provincial the of head .Thursday :--KAYHAN "damage in billion 58 rls inflicts Gilan in flood Recent" General Governor Province's Gilan at Department Relations Public Gilan of province Iranian northern the in flood recent said office .damage in billion 58 rls than more inflicted has :--ETTELA'AT Iranian next early up rounded be to seals standard lacking Goods" "Tehran in month Research and Standards of Institute the of General Director seal standard lacking which goods the said has Mamdouhi Mohammad-Reza .month next early experts related by up rounded be will Tehran in BG/AH End