Oct 13, 2001, 12:01 AM
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OIC within tourism promote to center up set to offers Iran and experts of meeting a host will Iran -- IRNA 13, Oct Lumpur, Kuala the among tourism boost help to effort an in shortly officials senior .(OIC) Conference Islamic the of Organization the of states members 56 and Minister Deputy country's the by here diclosed was This . Moezeddin Mohammad Organization Tourism of General Secretary promoting in role active very a played has Iran that said also He .countries Islamic among tourism second two-day the of end the at IRNA to talking while Moezeddin, said states member OIC the of ministers tourism of Conference Islamic one in soon held be will officials senior and expert of meeting the .Hamedan in probably most cities, major Iran's of to first were conference the of criteria main three said He potential The .countries islamic among tourism promote and introduce .considerable very is Islamic the of image the rebuilding at efforts making Second, .people western among countries of concept the promote to order in that believe we Finally," on focus first we that essential is it civilization among dialogue .added he "civilization, Islamic unanimous a with Saturday closed conference the Meanwhile, international recognized Nation, United the to appeal to resolution the in normalcy towards work to media international and organizations .be should it where to areas conflict contain and scene international as Fadzir Sheikh Kadir Abdul Minister Tourism and Arts Culture, that view the expressed also they that said meeting the of chairman of promotion and development the to barriers create acts terrorism .tourism Islam as manifestation its all in terrorism condemn also We" it to leading action any as well as forms its all in terrorism rejects .world the of part any in measures discriminatory all of alleviation for calls also It" he "countries, several of borders the at Muslims traveling against .said held conference, two-day the of close the at newsmen to Speaking the of states member that said he Horses, Golden the of Palace the at a is there but countries peaceful are Afghanistan except OIC in especially everywhere, is crisis of environment the that perception .countries Muslim the holidays and trips flights, of cancellation unnecessary is There" of erosion an also is There .industry tourism the affected have which the of result a as environment economic global the in confidence .added he "created, is which situation crisis tourism promoting towards work will countries member OIC The" among travel to countries Muslim more encourage and ourselves amongst this overcome will we quickly, taken are steps these if and ourselves .said he "crisis, term short for Commision Supreme the of general secretary Arabia's Saudi that reiterated Aziz Abdel Salman Sultan Highness Royal His Tourism the of areas to but Afghanistan at only aim not do areas conflict the .general in conflicts facing world that said Kadir Abdul meeting, the of outcome overall the On will quickly, implemented if and up drawn been had resolutions various to time long a take may some although tourism of growth the increase .implement three Declaration, Isfahan the in set goals the realize To tourism namely identified, were cooperation of spheres possible .training and research and marketing tourism facilitation, the on take will Indonesia that decided was it meeting today's In out drafted measures the implement to which in ways finding of role the out carry will Iran and Malaysia while facilitation tourism for training, and research and marketing for actions necessary .respectively and experts of meeting a host to agreed also has Iran that said He of implementation the discuss to and finalize to officials senior has OIC the of body a Bank; Development Islamic the and measures .meeting the finance to agreed Organization Tourism Iran held, be would meeting the when Asked as held be would it that said Moezeddin Mohammad General Secretary .meeting OIC next the before possible, as soon Saudi the to similar very is Malaysia that said Salman Sultan their over proud are and Malaysians to close very feel they and Arabia . achievements start to hope we and tourism in experience more much has Malaysia" specialists send will we which in us between cooperation of program a help can which programs tourism implement to how study to Malaysia to adding said, he "well, as develop country our in industry tourism the successful and fruitful a be would it that confident is he that .program the for engine biggest the is tourism development, economic In" he "future, the in forward move to have all we and World Islamic .added but meeting, next the of venue the mention not did resolution The in held be could it said Kadir Abdul conference the of chairman the .country African an or Arab an either Asian the by hosted were two first the as turn, their is It" .added he "groups, BN/AH End