Oct 13, 2001, 12:01 AM
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months 39 in operational become to project 10 Olefin of executor the Company, Petrochemical Jam -- IRNA 13, Oct Tehran, operation into project the put to is Project, 10 Olefin .period month 39 a in Company Petrochemical National at Department Relations Public as Company Petrochemical Jam of director managing the quoted (NPC) .world the in kind its of one biggest the is project the that saying will It .2001 since started have unit the up set to Operations 300,000 propylene, of tons 1,370,000 produce to capacity the have 200,000 gelayon, monoethylene of tons 400,000 polyethylene, of tons .monomer styrene of tons 600,000 and olefin alfa of tons Energy Special Pars in construction under is unit 10 Olefin .land of plot hectare 78 a on Zone Economic BG/RR End