Oct 13, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Secretary-General and UN to prize peace Nobel was who Annan, Kofi Secretary-General -- IRNA 13, Oct Tehran, Nations, United the with along Prize Peace Nobel the awarded Friday on rest to not better, and more do to us 'challenges honor the said '.laurels our Nations United the by release press the to According is" award the said Secretary-General the Center, Information my all for and personally, me, for encouragement great a be to going .world the around colleagues and forward move really to" was said, he ahead, challenge The international true is there sure make and governments with work .multilateralism and cooperation said Annan .Mr personally, felt he how on question a To the heard had he how Asked" .encouraged also but humbled," was he up him woken had Eckhard, Fred spokesman, his said Annan .Mr news, way wonderful a was it course Of" .call phone congratulatory a with you when usually - in are we business of sort the given up, wake to ".disastrous something it's morning, the in early that call a get been had who aides, his of one about anecdote an related also He second a to appointed was Annan .Mr when Africa through travelling who know didn't he man old an met He" .Secretary-General as term we him Tell" :Secretary-General the for message a have 'I him, old his celebrate to time take must he but appointed, he's that happy are ".ahead challenges on focus to able be to successes and achievements message same the is It" said, Secretary-General the effect, In challenges are there that Committee, Nobel the from getting are we us expect they and failures, and successes some had have we ahead, ".challenges those meet and hard work to the make to working staff UN the to tribute paid also Annan .Mr true only The" .place happier and peaceful more just, more a world .added he "itself, peace be will us for and them for prize Nobel the receive to Secretary-General second the is Annan Kofi Dag Secretary-General, second Organization's The .Prize Peace his for 1961, in posthumously prize the awarded was Hammarskjold, .UN the strengthening in action MP/LS/RR End