Oct 13, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA Tehran major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 13, Oct Tehran, :Saturday on dailies DAILY IRAN -- "strikes denounce rallies Worldwide" .S.U protest to Friday on streets to took Iranians of Thousands IRNA Afghanistan, of people innocent the on attacks military .reported NEWS IRAN -- "people Afghan of calamity twin laments Khatami" people Afghan the that Thursday said Khatami Mohammad President rulership ultra-Orthodox the :calamities twin to victim falling were the on attacks -led.S.U the as well as group militia Taliban the of IRNA civilians, the on toll its taking is which country war-torn .reported INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- "Kashani :terrorists both Israel, illegitimate ,.S.U" Tehran of campus the at worshipers of thousands Addressing both accused leader prayer Friday substitute Tehran's University, .terrorism state of Israel of regime racist the and America TIMES TEHRAN -- "censored America North in Yemenis five of Murder" its of five that Thursday on announced government Yemeni The .America North in clashes racist in killed been have nationals IRAN -- "Iran warns Blair states, Muslim topple to seek will Laden Bin" made article an in Blair, Tony Minister Prime British Islamic other and Iran warned London, in office IRNA the to available bin Osama by toppled be could governments their that Friday countries in succeed not does coalition international -led.S.U the if Laden .him curtailing YAZD AFTAB-E -- "activated be to diplomacy Iran's" a" up take will Tehran that said has Khatami Mohammad President ongoing of face the in days coming the in "diplomacy active more on attacks -led.S.U the following region the in developments .Afghanistan ENTEKHAB -- "Jalalabad in village hit bomb after killed 160" been have 160 least at that Friday announced official Taliban A of city the in village a of bombing planes' American during killed .Jalalabad AFARINESH -- "Israel warns UN" in general secretary Nations United the of representative The 24 than less in time second the for reiterated Lebanon southern violation regime's Israeli racist the to halt a for need the hours .airspace Lebanese the of RESALAT -- "alert on America" saying as Press Associated cited ISNA agency news students The tips received has (FBI) Investigation of Bureau Federal .S.U the that .America in terrorists by attacks of threats new on HAMSHAHRI -- "cut production oil over decide to OPEC" prices, oil slumping boost to week next production cut could OPEC said officials as Friday, said Rodriguez Ali general secretary its .Lisbon in countries non-OPEC key meet to set are ministers OPEC that EDALAT SEDAY-E -- "Iraq warns America" Saddam President Iraq to message a in administration, Bush The ongoing the exploiting from avoid to him warned has Hussein, .situation NOROUZ -- Herat of capture on focus attacks Alliance's Northern" "Mazar-i-Sharif Northern the Taliban, on strikes American the with Concurrent of recapture the for attacks their mounted have forces Alliance .Mazar-i-Sharif and Herat HAMBASTEGI -- "Iran in operations terrorist in suspects 22 of None" and rejected vehemently Thursday official Iranian informed An Islamic the that claims "unfounded and baseless" as denounced .terrorists sheltering was Republic NO HAYAT-E -- "Tehran in arrive Palestinians injured of group 19th" troops Israeli Zionist the by shot Palestinians, injured Eighteen arrived lands, occupied the in (uprising) Intifada the during .medication receive to plane a aboard evening Thursday ABRAR -- "in Blair let not did Arabia Saudi" Tony Minister Prime British invite to refused has Arabia Saudi .country that to visit a pay to Blair ROUZ SIASAT-E -- "Annan Kofi to awarded prize Nobel" Peace Nobel 2001 the won Annan Kofi and Nations United The Committee, Nobel Norwegian the by tribute powerful a in Friday Prize the and man the by peace global for fight the that proclaiming war new a into plunges world the as centerstage belonged institution .terrorism on ESLAMI JOMHOURI-YE -- Washington set I'll Arabs, with deals America If :Netanyahu" "fire on said has Netanyahu Benjamin minister prime Israeli former The Washington set would he Arabs, with deal a struck .S.U the if that .fire on MELLAT -- "democracy religious of establishment to block main Extremism" the of meeting joint a at speaking Khatami, Mohammad President block main the as is extremism cited parliament, the and government Republic, Islamic the in democracy religious a of establishment the to .phenomenon the stem to hands join should all saying BH/LS/AR End