Oct 13, 2001, 12:01 AM
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loans bank in 8b.2 Rls over receive Farmers of Keshavarzi Bank of Branches -- IRNA 13, Oct ,.Prov Central Arak, to loans in billion 8.2 rls over paid province Central the in Iran the of result a as incurred they losses for compensate help to farmers the hit which flood and drought as such disasters natural various provincial main its at fund insurance bank's the of head the province, .Saturday on here said branch year this province the hit which disasters natural Various" of head 1,971 killed farmlands, of hectares 9,397 some away washed .IRNA told Babaie Mohammad "birds, 25,997 as well as livestock weather dry severe of year successive third its on Iran, southern, the in cities major in water rationed has conditions, Fars, Isfahan, Sistan-Baluchestan, of provinces central and eastern .Tehran and Khorasan Kerman, Bushehr, being as Iran in drought year's this described has official UN A greater far inflicted has it that adding region, the hit to worst the .years previous in brought those than damage and eastern southern, the in conditions weather dry extremely The deadly the to contrast stark in are country the of parts central provinces northern the and Khorasan Golestan, hit which floods .devastating equally been has lives human on effect the but recently, RM/LS/HM End