Oct 13, 2001, 12:01 AM
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:Afghanistan in govt broad-based of formation facilitate to OIC proposal religious Pakistani a of president The -- IRNA 13, Oct Islamabad, the only scenairo, post-Taliban the in that proposed has organization task the given be should (OIC) Conference Islamic the of Organization in government broad-based truly a of constitution the facilitating of .Afghanistan future political a with to nothing has .S.U the or UN the think I" the ummah, the of representative only the being and, Afghanistan for and multi-ethnic a that ensure to platform suitable most the is OIC the of president Haider, Anis Syed "installed, is government religious .here interview an during said Pakistan Ulema Jamiat an to peace restore to measures some taken had Taliban said He this and country the across backing win to managed never but extent, from bay at them kept that policies inflexible their of because was .world outside the (WFP)Programme Food World the with working been has Anis Syed .Afghanistan in years five for countries forced ultimately that polcies their of because was It" the of recognition withdrew and review to UAE and Araiba Saudi like .continued he "regime, Taliban the sooner the that said firmly he question, a to response In prolonged Any .be would it better the finished is operation -led.S.U .added he counter-productive, prove may campaign had .S.U the unfortunate was it that view the of was Anis Syed main His .Afghanistan poverty-stricken the against strikes mounted rid to terrorism of causes fundamental addressing duly on was emphasis .menace the of world the or direct of policy their review to have also will Americans The he countries, Eastern Middle the in dictatorships to support indirect of source a been have also might policy this added and out, pointed .people among frustration and deprivation end complete a be will there that stated chief JUP the Similarly, is Palestine of issue lingering the if region the in terrorism to sow that causes into look must community world The .resolved amicably .asserted he world, the of parts various in terrorism of seeds Nations, United the of role the towards harsh particularly was He in part its play to failed miserably had body world the saying .issues and conflicts resolving and interests their for nations few very by used being is UN The .stated he authority, decision-making and relevance no has it such as of people the of rehabilitation long-term for pleaded Anis Syed the once generously donate to nations rich urged and Afghanistan .over is operation nation poorest the remain would today Afghanistan Unfortunately," rescue its to come not does community world the if future bleak a with .warned he "time, in /MMZ/LS/HM End