Oct 13, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Taliban for fighting those for help no says Malaysia government's the defy who Malaysians -- IRNA 13, Oct Lumpur, Kuala Taliban alongside fight to supposedly Afghanistan to go to not advice should overseas missions Malaysian from help any get not would forces .difficulties into get they left who Malaysians that warned Albar Hamid Syed Minister Foreign another of affairs the in meddling of purpose the for country the the from assistance expect not could and own their on be would country .them to happened something if government the) PAS by call the up take they if face they risk the is That" .Afghanistan in jihad for (SeMalaysia Islam Party opposition part take to Malaysian any for wrong is it law, our to According" .country another in war a in they Afghanistan, in situation the about strongly so feel they If" could they or channel proper the through objection their voice should to not but refugees, Afghan the help to group humanitarian the join "forces, allied its and States United the fighting in Taliban the join Council Consultative Yemen of Republic meeting after newsmen told he .here office his at Abdulghani Abdulaziz President refugees Afghan million six over the helping said Hamid Syed in living currently were who country, their in war the fleeing a be would countries, neighboring several in conditions deplorable .war else's someone in meddling than action positive more in situation the on capitalise to trying stop should PAS said He .sentiments people's the fanning by Afghanistan and terrorism on stand its clearly state to PAS challenged also He better could people that so terrorist as perceived group any .jihad calling for reason and sentiment party's the rationalize its concluded which Conference, Islamic the of Organization The" to collectively agreed ago days two Qatar Doha, in meeting emergency .terrorism condemn spirit the against is and jihad not is terrorism that clear is It" .added he "Islam, by promoted tolerance of against stand its voiced start the from had Malaysia said He .problem the solve to force of use the and terrorism had allies its and States United the that now said he However, the that hoped Lumpur Kuala Afghanistan, attacked and ahead gone the from arising suffering human minimize to soon end would operation .attack the last, Afghanistan on attacks the longer the Furthermore," Islamic of governments the by faced danger of degree the higher US the for support voiced and terrorism denounced had that countries in attacks 11 Sept the for responsible terrorists the hunt to effort .Washington and York New only will Afghanistan in attack protracted a because is That" this and worldwide Muslims of sentiments religious the heighten including people irresponsible by exploited easily be can situation .added he "countries, such in situations tense create to terrorists the in report the that concerned was Malaysia said also Hamid Syed the about Tribune, Herald International the and Times York New covert or overt an in target a becoming country the of possibility would terrorists, against action its in States United the by operation .unstable as country the portray a becoming report the about worried less was Lumpur Kuala said He .country the of image the on impact its than reality not do We" .country the of image the is us to important is What" in mired or unstable as country our portray that reports want .said he "trouble, declared Mat Nik Aziz Abdul Nik adviser spiritual Pas Meanwhile, United the against Afghanistan in fighting while die who Muslims that .(syahid mati) faith the of martyrs be will strikes States-led to 5,000 of congregation a leading before reporters to Speaking Friday on Lumpur Kuala in Afghanistan for prayers special perform was it aid Minister Chief Kelantan the also is who Aziz, Nik morning, allow would (ministry foreign) Putra Wisma whether" of matter a only to Muslims of responsibility the was it said He ".there go to people .others by attack under is who brethren his of aid the to go through or moral financial, it be support, our give to have We" accusing stop to west the on called also who Aziz, Nik said "prayers, .terrorism sponsoring of Islam BN/LS/HM End