Oct 12, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Qualifiers Asian WC at 2-1 Iraq beat team Football National Iran's (tables add to :REPETITION) playing team football National Iran's -- IRNA 12, Oct Tehran, Qualifiers's Asian Cup World the of framework the in Iraq against one to two scoring Iraq over victory precious another gained A Group .Friday on game home a in at Complex Sports Azadi Tehran's of stadium soccer the at Played game the fans football Iranian enthusiastic 100,000 of presence the .Jo Yung Kim referee Korean South by whistled was both were too, Su, Hua Kim and Wuk Hi Kim assistants, jo's Ref .Korea South from Team Football National Iran's game, the of half first the During ended and rival, its to superior appeared but offensive, played minute 27th the at Mahdavi-Kia Mehdi by goal one just beating in up .match exciting the of Mehrdad as well as Iraq, from Taher Salaheddin half, second the In the from cards yellow received Vahedi Nikbakht Alireza and Minavand .referee Korean by game the of minute 52nd the at goal first its beat Team Iraq's .Iran equal to Derine Qahtan 71st the in goal second its beat to achieved then Team Iran's .Karimi Ali by minute 60th the at goals more with Iraq threatened team Iran's Meanwhile, and heavy Vahedi's Nikbakht and Karimi's but minutes, 71st and .goals in up end to failed shoots close its after scores 16 gaining up ended Team Football National Iran's .list countdown the of top the at it places which Iraq, over victory 19 October on game last its play to expected is team Iran's to achieve will winning of case in which Manameh, in Bahrain against .Cup World 2002 the of stage final the enter Asian WC at Iraq over victory Iran's Following at goals Karimi's Ali and Kia's Mahdavi Mehdi with game Qualifiers from games three following the respectively, minutes 71th and 27th :Saturday on played be will groups 2nd and 1st Asian the :Group 1st ---------- Bangkok in playing Bahrain versus Thailand ,.M.P 00:6 :Group 2nd --------- Masquat in playing Uzbekistan versus Oman .M.P 30:6 China in playing Qatar versus China .M.P 30:7 :Group Asian 1st of Chart P GA GF L D V Game Team ____________________________________________________ 15 4 9 - 3 4 7 Iran.1 14 7 13 1 2 4 7 Arabia Saudi.2 7 10 9 5 1 2 8 Iraq.3 6 7 4 2 3 1 6 Bahrain.4 3 10 3 3 3 - 6 Thailand.5 :Group Asian 2nd of Chart P GA GF L D V Game Team ---------------------------------------------------- 16 1 10 - 1 5 6 China.1 10 9 8 3 1 3 7 UAE.2 9 7 10 2 3 2 7 Qatar.3 7 10 10 3 1 2 6 Uzbekistan.4 2 12 1 4 2 - 6 Oman.5 MP/ End