Oct 12, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Office Foregn :Pakistan in stationed troops combat foreign No no that stated categorically has Pakistan - IRNA 12, Oct Islamabad, take to poised or Pakistan in stationed are troops combat foreign .territory its from action Muhammad Riaz spokesman, Office Foreign the by stated was This .Friday here briefing news a during Khan of use sharing, information committed has Pakistan that said He .force air and army .S.U the for support logistic and air-space facilities some support logistical under that added Khan Muhammd however, He, .situations contingency only address to provided be could .Pakistan of territory the from initiated being are operations no said are aircraft American the that said spokesman FA Pakistani The inside operations out carry to Ocean Indian the from flying currently .Afghanistan quite be would terrorism against campaign the said spokesman The as said however, He, .problem the of nature the of because protracted have authorites Pakistani the concerned is Afghanistan as far those punish to targetted clearly be should it that said repeatedly .Washington and York New on attacks in involved is this that stating is too leadership European and US the said He .campaign the of objective the feelings deep and condolence our express we said, he Therefore, .lives peoples' innocent of loss the over sorrow and pain of deliberately of acts any supported never has Pakistan said He .Palestine or Kashmir in it be people, innocent the attacking to endeavour every made Pakistan part its on that reminded He and situation the of gravity the leadership Taliban the upon impress influence not could efforts our that regretted He .consequences its .leadership Taliban the UN the of Representative Special said he question another To Pakistan, with touch in constantly is Venderal General Secretary a about bring to efforts UN promote to groups Afghan and Taliban and stability ensure could that Afghanistan in government broad-based .country that in peace broad-based any that is position Pakistan's that explained He .themselves Afghans the from emerge to have will arrangement great has Pakistan said he border, of opening about question a To to want and hardships facing dare who Afghans of sympathy of feelings than more already are there hand, other the On .Pakistan into get for difficult extremely is it and Pakistan in refugees million three over-stretched already the of because people more of care take to us .capacity the upon emphasising been has Pakistan view, in this With" people displaced internally the assist to community international ".Afghanistan within being are Afghanistan of parts all not that out pointed He .country own their inside helped be can Afghans the and targetted been has there said he Pakistan in demonstrations today's About and Peshawar in peaceful remained Protests .country the in normalcy tyres of burning like incidents of kind limited some while Lahore .Karachi in reported were buildings of couple a to damage and policy the with agree not do who elements some are there said He peaceful to people the for right a is there and government the of .protests to alive fully is government the that concluded Khan Muhammd .order and law maintain TK/NA/AR End