Oct 12, 2001, 12:01 AM
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(version editted :REPETITION) refugees Afghan receive to position in not are We :Nourbala ,(IRCS) Society Crescent Red Iran's of Head -- IRNA 12, Oct Tehran, the that here conference press a in said Nourbala Ahmad-Ali nine at housed be will regions border Iran's enter that Afghans the .construction under currently camps emergency an that said Nourbala Iran, daily Persian to According southeastern and Eastern two at IRCS by declared initially was status .Baluchestan and Sistan as well as Khorasan of provinces border two at declared been has staus emergency another" added, Nourbala support as Kerman and Hormozgan of provinces central and southern ".province Khorasan to reorts of border the across construction under are camps 16 that noted He are camps three to two while Afghanistan, within province Khorasan the Baluchestan and Sistan Iran's across Afghanistan within up set being .province areas the at observed been has resistance no that stressed He were camps the of construction the while control, Rabbani's under .Taliban by ruled areas at authorities local by opposed camps the at housed be will refugees Afghan 200,000 Some"said, He permission the need still we being time the for but established, being ".regions some at Taliban of been have requests" said, he provisions supplying to respect With international other by aid relief of supply further for made Development Nations United and UNICEF which among institutions, .call our to responded far so have (UNDP) Project close organizations' mentioned above the that said He of letters while appreciated, is IRCS the with cooperation .end this to institutes 116 with signed been have understanding taken been have measures health precautionary that said Nourbala of Sciences Medical of Faculty the Ministry, Health Iranian the by Baluchestan and Sistan as well as Mashhad of University Ferdowsi the malaria as such diseases of infection possible prevent to universities .construction under camps the at Natural Against Campaign for Week upcomg the to referring Also among considered is Iran Unfortunately," said, he Iran, in Disasters cases flood 76 and disasters, natural by affected mostly countries the current the of months six first the within reported been have 46 of increase an shows figure The .(21 March Started) year Iranain ".1997 of months six first the to related that to compared flodds reported been has fire of cases 30 some regretfully that added He has accidents car of number the while 2000, of half 2nd the within .drastically increased during reported injuries 6,092 and deaths 43 of example set He .vacations Year's New year's Iranian current the MP/NA/AR End