Oct 12, 2001, 12:01 AM
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AP :statement Israel' 'attack over misquoted Minister Prime Malaysian agency, news transnational US-based The -- IRNA 12, Oct Lumpur, Kuala subscribers its to corrective a issued Thursday on Press Associated Mahathir .Dr Minister Prime quoted wrongly which report a regarding attack should Britain and States United the that saying as Mohamad .Israel ".error the regrets AP The" said, It who Department Minister's Prime the irked had report Monday The .agency news the from apology an demanded immediately online its in AP the that revealed later IRNA by check A ."context of out" Mahathir quoting to conceded corrective they if attacks the supported have would he said Mahathir When" the against terrorism of perpetrator the as Israel hit had struck who attackers terrorist the to referring was he Palestinians, news the said "forces, British and US the to not 11, Sept on .S.U the .agency in saying as premier the quoted had report earlier AP's terrorist take to wanted they if them support would I" parliament, ".Palestinians many dead shot had Israel because Israel against action air British and .S.U the criticize however, did, Mahathir .terrorists of mindset the harden further could they saying attacks, agency the lambasted office Minister's Prime the this, Following .reporting "mischievous and incorrect" its for a taken has government Malaysian the attacks, 11 Sept the Since has but community international the with terrorism combat to stand against strike military a approve not does it that stressed .either Afghanistan BN/NA/AR