Oct 12, 2001, 12:01 AM
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countries Western in Muslims on attacks condemns Mahathir on here Mohamad Mahathir Minister Prime -- IRNA 12, Oct Lumpur, Kuala Muslims by faced being currently discrimination the at out hit Friday and York New in bombing recent the following countries Western in .Washington every treating for countries western in authorities criticised He .extremist or terrorist potential a as Muslim distress of cause constant a be can days these Muslim a Being" demise the after especially so, or decade past the in while globally as protrayed been have Muslims the and Islam 1990, in communism of anti-western being and extremism militancy, terrorism, with synonymous .said Mahathir Dr "West, the of media the in a being of suspected is Muslim every events, recent With" it if especially name, Islamic an with anyone terrorist, potential be will minister, prime Malaysian the said "~bin prefix the includes ".terrorist suspect a as airports at search and interrogated ministerial the opening when comments the made Mahathir .here Tourism of Conference Islamic 2nd two-day level, also are there but terrorists Muslim are there that admit We" the siad "terrorists, atheist and Christian Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, .premier who terrorists as Muslim every treat to unfair grossly is It .objected he searched, and interrogated be must probably and resentful Muslims world the make only will It" their get to terrorise who Muslims those towards sympathetic concluded he "world, unfriendly an on back revenge deserved autheintic an "not" is terrorism that stressed also Mahathir .injustice with dealing of way Islamic not must we us against treatment the of injustice the Despite" .terrorism to resort we Instead .Muslims to misfortunes more bring only will It" all with ourselves equip and countries our develop to try all should ourselves protect to us enable to capacities and skills knowledge, .said Mahathir .Dr "others, of independently .cease will Muslims the bully to tedency the strong, are we When strength, such gain to evenm century a time, long a us take may It .(patiece durable) "sabr" have must Muslimsm as we, but great become cannot we reason no is There .before great were We" not do we what do not must we strong become we when But .again once .us to do to others like of (era ignorance) ~Jahiliah~ the like revenge seek not must We" .days pre-Islamic of shaping the influence to strength our use should we Instead," ".world just more a the indignities, the endure to have we being time the for so, And .added Mahathir .Dr Muslims, against oppression the and humiliation Muslims the attacks Centre Trade World the of result a as said He very there travelling and countries western in life finding are .difficult There .difficulty this to ourselves expose to have don't We" discrimination no is there where non-Muslim and Muslim countries, are the When .instead there go should we being time the For .us against Mahathir .Dr " practices, old our resume can we down died has furore .said Muslims other know to getting Muslims for said Minister Prime The our despite that admit must We" .duty a almost is countries other in to close vey not really are we brothers, be to us enjoining religion ".other each our between travelers more be therefore should there said He .pleasure and purposes social business, for countries he "relations, old the reinforce can us between contacts The" .observed our enhance relations, brotherly develop can we Muslims As" can we Together .solidarity greater achieve and Islam of knowledge .Islam of years golden the of glory the of part a revive least at place taking are changes Great .times tumultous in living are We" do also can they but good of lot a us do can changes These .us around .harm of deal great a us to forced are we as greater be will harm the weak are we If" schemes to Reacting .things initiates than rather react, and adjust be but not, can good own their for others by devised ideas and have we advantage competitive little What .us to disadvantageous .use best the to put be cannot ideas as obstructive or irrelevant become even may they Indeed" best the others the give to formulated are globalisation as such .advantage stand may we together But .under go to bound are we Alone," know to have will we other each bolster can we Before .chances great .well other each know and other, each cooperate to able be will we problems, other's each Appreciating" increasingly this in interest mutual our protect to and better .concluded Mahathir .Dr "world, challenging BN/NA/AR End