Oct 12, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Musharraf warns law-breakers, against measures Tough violent to exception strong Taking -- IRNA 12, Oct Islamabad, warned has Musharraf Pervez General President Pakistani protests, .Pakistan in law-breakers against taken be would measures tough that meeting inter-provincial level top a chairing while this said He the review to Thursday on Capital Federal the in here order and law on .Afghanistan on attacks US of out arising situation entire would mosques the that asserted President military Pakistani The would they but activities disruptive for used be to allowed be not .only God, worshipping for places as preserved and remain, Peshawar and Quetta including cities different days, recent In religious of activists by demonstrations furious witnessed have against allies British its and .S.U to opposed organisations .Afghanistan would activities anti-law these in involved refugees Afghan All" in involved are people of number small a only though back, sent be decisions the to referring official, senior a said ,"activities such .meeting the in taken personally to governors Pakistani four the all asked President The is people of majority as situation, order and law oversee and monitor policies its and government the with acumen and wisdom great demonstrated have Pakistan of people The" ,"extremists some by sponsored protests these from away staying by .Musharraf the said capital provincial Balochistan's patrolling is Army Meanwhile, paramilitary Pakistani the ,(FC) Corps Frontier by backed Quetta and law maintain to (BRP) Police Reserve Balochistan the and forces .regions those in order the by pledge a of wake the in taken been has measure The first the mark to organisations religious different of activists Afghanistan, on strikes allies' British its and .S.U the after Friday .protests with have measures foolproof Department, Home Balochistan to Accroding .eventuality any off ward to taken been a have suburbs its and Quetta that here mention a merits It stiffly are who groups religious of workers of presence reasonable to cooperation government military the and strikes US-led to opposed .America anti-US here, reaching reports the to according Meanwhile, .Karachi of mega-city in started already have demonstrations MHA/NA/AR End